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Re: Alle 60 Sekunden Pegelspitzen

Falls das Problem noch nicht behoben ist habe ich hier ein paar Ansätze:

- Zuerst einmal die Buffer hoch setzen.
Ich habe da bei meinem alten Saffire Pro 10 die Erfahrung das alles unter 256 nicht ohne Dropouts funktioniert hat
(Zeigen die bei Focusrite immernoch diese ms vorauswahl in den Treibern statt der Bufferzahl an?).
Da schauen: Geräte konfigurieren... VST Audio System ... Einstellungen.

- Als nächstes kann es dein Firewire Port sein. Ich musste je nach laune des Saffires zwischen dem Onboard Firewire und einer No-Name usb/FW Kombi Karte den Stecker wechseln und jedesmal komplett das System neu starten. Das ging dann eines Tages komplett weg und lief 1 1/2 Jahre ohne Murren. (Jepp dieses Interface war ein bisschen wie ein alter Fiat. Fährt sich schön aber hat halt seine Launen)

- Hast du an den gleichen Firewire Port auch noch was anderes dran hängen? Festplatte oder sowas? Weg damit!
Kann bei Onboard Chipsätzen auch ein USB Stick bzw. eine Maus sein die am gleichen Port /Chip hängt und das Ding runter bremst (wenn es eine Gamer-Mouse mit komischen Treibern ist)

- Wenn das alles nicht klappt solltest du mal alle anderen Audiotreiber deinstallieren. Insbesondere den Onboard Treiber deinstallieren und dann bei Neustart auch im BIOS deaktivieren (kann durchaus probleme verhindern). Dann den Focusrite Treiber neu installieren und als Standart Audiogerät im Windows Setup definieren.

- VIEL Erfolg!

P.S.: Diese Checkliste könnte auch bei Dropouts bei anderen Soundkarten / Audio Interfaces helfen.
by Cut-a-Corner
Thu Dec 19, 2013 5:42 am
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Re: More channels for recording?

Preamp OUT -> Isa EXT i/P ;

The common Output of Preamps is Male XLR.
For most preamps (including Blue Robbie) you will need - XLR Female to TRS cable -.
Example: cordial_cfm_3_fv_klinkexlr_kabel
(copy that into google)

The most logical digital connection would be SPDIF or ADAT optical.
In both cases you will need a ADAT lightpipe cable.
I personally have good experiences with the MUTEC brand wich Thomann sells.
Thats for the digital connection.
Example: mutec_optisches_kabel_3m

You will need another digital cable:
The Wordclock, because you will have to "slave" the ISA to your MR 816.
That´s a BNC cable. Nothing fancy, the same cables you use for satellite reciever connection.
But use a quality cable, because Wordclock connections are critical.
Example: sommer_cable_bnc_kabel_75_ohm_3m

AND the last thing you will need:
The Wordclock Termination Resistor.
Usually that is integrated in modern Wordclock Connectors inside the Interface.
But i am not sure about the Isa One Ad Card.
Just order one, its very cheap. To make shure everything is fine.

You probably will have to end the wordclock connection this way:
Put the resistor on the other end of a t-piece,
wich you have plugged inside the isa one Wordclock IN.

example: pro_snake_bnc_abschluss_stecker_75_ohm
and: pro_snake_bncwinkeltverbindungsstueck
by Cut-a-Corner
Mon Mar 10, 2014 8:56 pm
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Re: UNDO for the mixer. Absolutely necessary!

especially the new mixer has to be used with the scrolling bar.
many people use the mouse wheel for that.
it often happens that you accidentially
have the cursor over a fader or knob while trying to scroll.
no problem in most cases but sometimes annoying because something
isn't right but you don't immediatly hear were you turned the wrong knob.

the other thing: you accidentially change an insert. no problem if its just an eq.
but i becomes a real problem if you use someting complicated like a huge rack built with guitar rig, fx rack with reaktor or simply something like a complex template for fabfilter volcano / timeless.

especially for edm guys it is a problem if they made a complex automation and have to go back to scratch if they didn't save while working half an hour to create that "big riser" before the "drop". it is easy to click and accidentially choose another plugin.

this is not a first person shooter were you loose credits when accidentially hitting a wrong target.
this is professional music production software. Undo is absolutely necessary.
by Cut-a-Corner
Wed Apr 23, 2014 3:00 pm
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Re: [Poll] Would you like to see true Bounce-In-Place in Cub

if BIP can be switched back to midi if desired.
then i agree that it would be a good option to change the freeze to BIP.
it would be great if steinberg created a mouse tool "freeze", then it could be region based.

in the case it would be region based and a new mouse tool:
then the original midi track could contain this audio region.

the BIP audio region could be labeled specially that it contains midi data
(would be okay with the freeze sign on the right upper corner)

what i would like to see if this would be done:
if desired, then you can create a new midi region from the contained data
(right click on freezed region, then select new region from contained midi)
... this option would be REALLY great if you interchange projects
with different producers wo have different VST.
then you easily recreate a sound with your own vst.
and drop the *freezed* audio region in a new track.

and for everyone who doesn't need the option of contained midi:
this behavior of *freeze* could be made as an option in the preferences.
(option 1: freeze contains Midi ; option 2: true BIP)
by Cut-a-Corner
Wed Feb 05, 2014 3:47 pm
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Re: Re-request. Save template without including media

+ 1


+ 2 from unregistered friends of mine ;-)
by Cut-a-Corner
Sun Apr 20, 2014 10:54 pm
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