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Re: Track Versions, Audio Comping Tool - Good ways to intera

I'm new here (but not to DAW's), but I saw this over at gearslutz: ... mping.html

Hope it is a good start on the topic (it was for me) :-)
by iBM
Thu Dec 26, 2013 8:40 am
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Re: How to copie compleet mixer settings to use in other pro

We really need something like PT's Import Session Data. Requested for "years".

I had high hopes to receive something like that with N6... instead of that we now have a total new GUI which nobody or at least very few of us really likes.. regarding all the other features I have all I need.

Just that damn session data thing..

As I said:

Setting up "fresh" songs is easy, there are countless ways.
Exchanging some settings via presets or "mixer settings" files later is ok.

But importing settings to an active session without the need to save, close, open another session, store presets and stuff, discard changes, close, reopen current session, import stuff, realize that you have forgotten something important... This is almost impossible without frustration.
Agree on all points.
The new control room - What are/were they thinking (close to useless in a full band recording scenario).
The new mixer - Nah, frustrating at best (some good ideas, but to much clicking, jumping and focusing around). Difficult to act without "thinking" (where are the foucus, where do I click etc), destroying the creative flow.

It would have been great if Steinberg gave us features we asked for, not to "revolutionalize" things we never asked for (things that are working well).

Needless to say, I have held back my N6 update (working happily with Nuendo 5.5 and C6.5).

We want some kind of Import Session Data ASAP.
by iBM
Sun Jan 05, 2014 4:48 pm
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Re: Explanations why you should record and use 32bit floatin

He just deliberately opened a can of worms, stirring it all together in one pot ;)
by iBM
Fri Jan 24, 2014 8:22 am
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Re: Group Editing fails when all tracks are not in "lane" vi

I have found that it will work, IF.........

If you DON'T use the Comp Tool to make your selection, BUT.........

But USE the "old" method to split into sections with the scissor tool (alt + Selection Tool). THEN........

Then it WILL work across all tracks in the folder (with Group Edit on), whether Lanes are opened for one or more/all tracks.

It simply does NOT work with the Comp Tool selection method :evil:

PS. I have reported this since the release of Cubase 6.5 (I think it was here the new comping/lanes method were introduced).
by iBM
Sun Jan 26, 2014 3:48 am
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Re: Cubase 7.0.7....CuBugs

sycophant wrote:Most of the graphical issues can be resolved with a fresh installation of both Windows and Cubase, this has been the case since a long time of Cubase version history.

Most of............ But not all apparently :roll:
by iBM
Thu Feb 06, 2014 1:15 pm
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Re: Want "Always On Top" for plugins!!! Worn-out.

Even in full screen mode?
by iBM
Fri Feb 07, 2014 11:32 am
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Re: Want "Always On Top" for plugins!!! Worn-out.

It is absolutely NOT working with the mix consoles in full screen mode.

If you drag to fit the borders, and turn of AOT for the mixer, the plugins will stay on top (If set to in the prefs).

So, I as well suspect that Beerbong doesn't have his MC set to Fullscreen.
by iBM
Fri Feb 07, 2014 10:13 pm
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Re: Where do you click to focus the MixConsole?


The 6.5 mixer always has focus, so does the project window. 8-)
No accidental change of mixer settings, working keycommands, working Generic Remote, working (!) workspaces, fast plugin menu, no Kermit view in mixer, easy CR submixes, relatively few bugs, no showstoppers ...
Hard to beat a well thought out product like that.
by iBM
Sat Feb 15, 2014 6:45 pm
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Re: 7.5 control room is incredible. Great job steinberg

Ever tried the one in Cubase 6.5?

Much better, less clicking and more info at a glance. Better/larger faders (not horizontal sliders) and better larger meters (not small horizontal ones).
Switch between meters and inserts on all tracks at once, with one toggle switch. I'll stop there.

But in a full band tracking scenario with the new Control Room (C7/7.5) it's a disaster compared to the old version.

Sorry. I didn't mean to kill the vibe, but most (if not all) long time users of the Control Room feature seems to like the old version way better.
If you have the chance, please try out the C6.5 version of the CR, then sum up ;-)
by iBM
Thu Mar 13, 2014 8:46 am
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Re: Control Room - show all levels at the same time?

Can we again voice our displeasure of this un-asked-for redesign of an already normally and usefully designed UI?
I am about to give up on Steinberg, but I will join this campaign once again.

Steinberg, you completely destroyed one of your best and unique features with the new version of the Control Room.
What kind of engineers did you consult when taken this decision?
Or did the fancy graphic just look cool?

Besides that, an amateurish (at the best) respons and/or communcation on the matter.

Don't even let me start on the new "Fisher Price" looking, and utterly unfinished, Mix Console.
by iBM
Thu Mar 20, 2014 1:56 pm
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Re: Benefit of recording 32-bit audio?

I read that 32 bit float reduces rounding errors caused by plugins and reduces noise from dithering? If you have enough storage, hard drives are cheap, then why not use 32 bit?
Real time plugin processing is executed in the internal 32-bit floating point realm no matter the bit rate on your source files.
Again, what you say only applies when doing a lot of offline processing.

Dithering is only used as the last step (once), when reducing the bit rate to the intended format (ie 24 bit to 16 bit for CD).
Said that, some old plugins/plugin technology has dithering on by default. Which only try cover up bad (or once good, but old) plugin beaviour/programming.
by iBM
Mon Mar 24, 2014 12:49 am
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Re: Proper Gain Staging

I have not the time to give a lenghty qualified answer right now (I'll try tomorrow).

But for a starter, I suggest you read up on the good old VU meter, and learn how to use it.
Why the standard is set to, 0VU = +4 dBu = 1.23 Volt in pro audio equipment (often set -18 dBFS in the digital domain), and so on......

I suspect the cleaner portion of your recording, is first and foremost that you are not driving your analog chain (pre-amp) to hard.

0VU is there for a reason. That level (1.23 Volt) is a standard were the most pro audio manufacturers calibrate their equipment to have the best S/N Ratio (Signal to Noise). The best middle ground between noise (lower han 0VU) and distortion (higher than 0VU) added to the signal. That's why 0VU is a standard.

The same goes for the newer quality analog emulating plugins (Sonnox, Slate, Softube etc.). See my comment in the 24 vs 32 bit thread.

If you then add that you don't ever have to worry about missing headroom, what's not to like.

Most people tend to forget the analog chain, pre converters. This is the most important part, as once you have captured a signal in your DAW you can't take away whats already there (Whether added noise or distortion).

Not that lenghty, but I think you got all my reasons as well. For the most part anyway ;)
by iBM
Tue Mar 25, 2014 10:54 pm
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Re: Benefit of recording 32-bit audio?

In fact, it's a common myth that 24 bit "sounds better" than 16 bit. 24 bit simply allows for more headroom so engineers can record incoming signals at lower levels and still have a nice signal-to-noise ratio. Previously, with older 16-bit methods, you'd have to ride the signal pretty high and risk "digital clipping." I point this out, as this prevailing myth is likely what lead the OP to ask his question in the first place. Cheers.
This is the absolutely most common myth when it comes to Digital Audio. Equally frustrating every time this topic shows up.

My background on the topic is among things like, sitting in with Tomas Lund and TC. Electronic in seminar about Digital Audio, Converters, Bit Rates and Sample Rates, Limiting and the Loudness War etc. In addition, I have a formal education in sound technical engineering (mid to late 90's) and thousands of pages read on the topic (Lavry, Aldrich +++).

The hardest part is to tell this as simple as possible, so I will try a go on the Bit Rate and Dithering part first:

Higher bit depth gives greater precision in the amplitude domain = WRONG. 1st big misunderstanding across the internet.

As easy explained as possible:

0 dBFS in 24 bit = 0dBFS in 16 bit, No difference there.

1 bit = 6dB of Dynamic range.

16 bit x 6 = 96 dB of dynamic range (from 0 dBFS to -96 dBFS)

24 bit x 6 = 144 dB of Dynamic range (from 0 dBFS to -144 dBFS)

Try to think from the top and downwards. You have to think from the top and downwards.

The signal recorded in the top 96 dB range is exactly the same.

At -96 dBFS is were the difference comes in to play:

When your signal drops below -96 dB, the 16 bit will chop off the signal (the last bit will shut down).
The 24 bit signal has 48 dB's of dynamic range left (for reverb-tail and other low level signals).

Here is also when Dithering comes into play:

When reducing the bitdepth to 16 bit from 24 bit, the dithering process will add some low level noise in the range that our hearing is least sensitive.
This is so to be able to keep the 16th bit (from top down) "open" as long as possible, to keep as much of reverb-tails and other low level details as possible (explained in the esiest way i could).

If your signal has a Dynamic range of anything less than 96 dB's and is located in the top 96 dB range, the recorded signal will be exactly the same.

The biggest misunderstanding is that the 24 bit scale has lesser "space" between measuring points (i.e.better). This is simply not true.
1 bit has only two values, on or off (1 or 0). Do the math and learn to think from the top and downwards.

That was the BIT part.
2x2x2x2x2......... should be such an easy math. Don't make it harder than it is.

Back to the 32-bit part: As all audio and real time processing (calculations - it's just math) is executed in the 32-bit floating point realm, it doesn't matter what Bit Size your source files are.

The only advantage of recording 32- bit files comes to play if you are doing a LOT of offline processing (post recording). That will make sure that rounding errors, after the offline processing/calculations, are "added" to the files at a level way way below human hearing.

My challenge to people who are gonna discuss Digital Audio (without wasting time, beleiving in Internet Myths), is to read all you can from reliable sources (google Nika Aldrich and Dan Lavry first). Listen to developers at big name Audio equipment manufacturers, not their marketing departement.

I will leave you with the best (and simplest) Digital Audio Myth breaking video there is (from bigger nerds than me):

Happy myth busting.
by iBM
Tue Mar 25, 2014 10:36 pm
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Re: Proper Gain Staging

IBM, yeah those are the exact things to which my friend was making references. It's so great to have access to such knowledgable folk here! So, your point, distilled, is 0VU (analog) = -18dBFS (digital) and the optimal level for input as far as plugins are concerned. Is that correct?

I look forward to your fuller explanation. Thanks!
One more before bed time ;-).

My point destilled (liked that ;-)) is:

0VU is the most optimal level for the most pro analog gear (pre-amps, compressors, eq's etc.).
Most digital DAW's and plugins are calibrated to 0VU = -18dBFS, and therefore many plugins that emulates analog gear has been calibrated the exact same way.

We are obviously talking about RMS levels, not peaking. Hover your signal around 0VU and you are good to go.

The easisest "translation" (my rules of thumb when teaching) if you do not use a VU meter (you really should) are these:
For percussive sounds (drums/sharp transients) is to use a peak level at -6dB .

For Signals like distorted guitars, long sustaining organ parts etc, use peak levels at -12 to -18 dBFS.

This is due to the nature that:
Long sustaining (and compressed) signals will (and should) have a lower peak level while reading the same 0VU as short transient full signals.

Added bonus: Following the above "rules" you will be able to have you faders closer to 0 in your DAW, providing you a much better resolution (more precise fader moves) than lower down the scale (due to the Logarithmic dB scale).

There are excellent VU meter plugins out there (will provide tomorrow).

By for now, it's soon midnight in Norway. Good night.
by iBM
Tue Mar 25, 2014 11:35 pm
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Re: Proper Gain Staging

IBM, I look forward to your fuller explanation. Thanks!
I have some more documents on the topic (and others), but I will have to translate it to english first.

But you should have a lot to go with, from the already provided explanations ;) .

Here a couple of linkt to another free VU-Meter (don't know about mac version):

Stereo version:

Mono version:

These also have some interesting features added, but to start out with the default setting first is my advice.

While at it, they have some other tools as well:

Happy metering.
by iBM
Thu Mar 27, 2014 9:49 am
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Re: Why 7.5 and 7.5.1 is not called beta?

@bjones306 - I sense a bit of arrogance here.

If not a Beta per se, it is definitively an "in the works" version transitioning between the prior and the next major version.

Here is something I have written earlier, put together from various posts and forums, regarding workflow issues with the new Mix Console and Control Room.
Please read (there are also some suggestion for the Forum/Steinberg at the end):

I work, for the most part with Audio, in multiple mics/full band tracking scenarios (of course some Midi and Vsti's).
This is what I call "traditional" music production in a Tracking/Overdubbing/Editing/Mixing/Mastering kind of fashion.

In the above scenario, the new Control Room is a HUGE workflow killer , close to useless (clumsy, timeconsuming, and a click fest) compared to the old one in Cubase 6.

The new Control Room is a clickfest galore, especially in a "full band" tracking scenario. Difficult to see all that much info at a glance, without "tabbing" and clicking.
Small horizontal sliders vs the old vertical Faders, small horizontal meters vs the old vertical meters.

The old (C6.5) could also show all insert with one touch of a button (toggle between the larger meters and the inserts across all cue mixes in one go).

Please tell me you got some plans for this??????? For my part, this has to be changed (back) in C8.
Or else I have to wipe dust of my old monitor mixer (God forbid) :roll:

The new Mix Console, is for me a HUGE workflow killer , as it brings me out of my creative mood, thinking about things that interrupts my creative mixing experience. It makes me "think" (how?, where?, status/info? etc....) more than "act" on creative decisions.
To always have to remember to click in the mixer to get Key Commands working etc, is close to the Beta stage appearance IMO.

The hovering pop-ups (everywhere), and the "Focus Frame" that "follows" you around, is just annoying.
What mission does the White Outlined "Focus Frame" have? I know when I touch a fader or other parameter!!!
Why the pop-ups to tell me that an empty slot is.........empty?

IMO the whole "Focus Frame/system" has never worked good in any version of Cubase 7/7.5 and Nuendo 6.

With normal to big sized projects, it still is faster to work in C6.5/Nuendo 5.5. Friends in different forums, that works in a simular fashion to me, have reported the same.
So, the big question:
Who do Steinberg listen to, and who are beta testing new/changed/fixed features for the C8/N7 cycle?

PS. For me to have discussions over the Control Room and Mix Console with electronic music makers, Loopmash addicts, midi composers etc... is meaningless, and a source of misunderstandings and reasons for forum fights.

Under follows a suggestion on how to devide the Forum into more sensible departements .
It should be easier for users to discuss suggestions and needs, and easier for Steinberg to pick up the needs, fixes, suggestions, and solutions needed for the different working styles.

Steinberg should devide their forum by "function":

1. Traditional Music Production (tracking, overdubbing, editing, mixing, mastering).
2. Electronic Music Producion (Midi, beatmakers, loop based composers etc.)
3. Song Writers and Composers
4. "fill in suggestions"

To throw all different cubase users in one pot is not a way to agree on "anything" IMO, and Steinberg can lean back
without having to make any conclusions/decisions based on user feedback.
by iBM
Tue Apr 01, 2014 8:28 am
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Re: Nuendo 6.5?

I just stumbled upon the online-promotion of N6's new features:

Under "time savers for professionals" it says:
Optimized for mouse-free operation

I've never been forced to use my mouse that much like in N6, all those tabs to open and switch...this can't be meant seriously!
Have they ever tried the new Control Room? Come on Steinberg, this is a click fest galore. I cannot for my life of it understand how they were able to destroy one of their best features, let alone unique in the DAW world???

The new Mix Console may be great if you do 8 tracks of audio, and like two inches wide channels. Also to much clicking and hovering (aaah, there was the button).
Why on earth does the pop-ups have to tell me that an insert slot is empty? I can kinda see that :? :o :shock:

And the Focus frame "following" you around (annoying as annoying can be). I know when I touch a fader or pan knob, or....... God damn it, all that excess information having no mission at all, but being disturbing.

And the new "intelligent" name abbreviations. Not very intelligent at all, if you ask me. I do not want to zoom in on the mixer channels to read what plugin residing in what slot (I have tried to populate the insert slots the same for all channels, making it consistent (for me)).
Again, it may be easy to remember all your plugins and placement when having a few tracks/channels of audio. But NOT in a larger session, in conjunction with with narrower mixer channels.

The Cubase 7/7.5 and Nuendo 6 cycle has been a big dissapointment for me, except for 3 things (in C7.5):
Track Visibility (didn't have to change everything GUI wise to implement this IMO).
Track Versions (finally, after many many requests).
Tab to Transient (which in fact doesn't use the Tab key????)

I gotta quit now, before my head hurts.
by iBM
Thu Apr 03, 2014 11:45 pm
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Re: N6.5 Beta Tester

JoDell19 wrote:Hello Steinberg Officials,

How can I become a beta tester for N6.5?

Wait til release day ;)
by iBM
Mon Apr 07, 2014 8:09 pm
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Re: the new mixer

Click on it, then hit delete.
Another option is to click (hold) and drag it outside the insert area.
by iBM
Wed Apr 09, 2014 8:50 pm
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Re: What is going on with Cubase 7?

The Cubase 7/7.5 and Nuendo 6/6.5 will go down in history as the worst/most difficult major cycle ever. Steinberg's Vista (and Millenium) springs to mind.
by iBM
Thu Mar 13, 2014 8:57 am
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Re: 7.5.20 Impressions...

theRoyal1 wrote:Just opened up a project and low and behold....

New Control Room.jpg


WTF :geek: :geek: :ugeek:
by iBM
Wed Apr 09, 2014 11:33 am
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Re: 7.5.20 Impressions...

lordadb wrote:OT: Nice Reaper customization, Max, looks professional and clear.

+1 - Maxim, can you please give me name of that Reaper skin?
by iBM
Wed Apr 09, 2014 7:58 pm
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Re: 7.5.20 Impressions...

OT: Nice Reaper customization, Max, looks professional and clear.
+1 - Maxim, can you please give me name of that Reaper skin?
yes... but this concerns only Reaper´s Mixer GU I (!) ;)
everything else looks like Office or Windows ´95 :
see the menu´s and plugin configuration window, sends routing menu, preferences, etc. etc.
In these areas Reaper is very very ugly. You have to admit.
I don't know, yet ;) . I am on the lookout for a dedicated mixing environment, more to my liking than the new mixer in Cubase. Just thought that Reaper mixer looked promising. Sorry :oops:
by iBM
Wed Apr 09, 2014 9:20 pm
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Re: 7.5.20 Impressions...

hikarateboy wrote:
serenity wrote:Wow. This looks very good !

I agree. Steinberg if you would copy this many would be very happy.

I agree. It looks like a..............................mixer ;)
by iBM
Wed Apr 09, 2014 11:37 pm
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Re: 7.5.20 Impressions...

Steve Helstrip wrote:Happy that Mutes are now working as expected!

Full day use without any issues here :)

Working well. My best mixes are when I Mute all tracks :D
by iBM
Thu Apr 10, 2014 8:13 am
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Re: 7.5.20 Impressions...

lukasbrooklyn wrote:[you also paid for the engineers to go into the code and disable edit mode for scoring to picture in cubase.

After someone enabled it ;)
by iBM
Fri Apr 11, 2014 1:38 pm
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Re: 7.5.20 Impressions...

Exactly, It was great using the edit mode with 7.5.0, so why did they take it away? I hope they give it back with 7.5.30.
Because that was a reverse engineered hack, of a feature exclusive to Nuendo.
And you don't have to be a genius to grasp that Cubase and Nuendo share a great amount of the same code.
by iBM
Sat Apr 12, 2014 4:15 pm
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Re: 7.5.20 Impressions...

chris995 wrote:Would love to know the majority advice on this.

Im currently on the previous update and very happily working away, I'm using cubase in a full time capacity so question is the update worth it or am i better not touching anything, if its not broke etc...?

Ask G-string :mrgreen:
by iBM
Mon Apr 14, 2014 2:53 pm
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Re: Nuendo 6.5?

I'm so tired of the whole NEK - Cubase Music Tools for Nuendo story, that I almost have to puke.

For Steinberg to make such a fuzz, of what should've been nothing, I really don't get it :roll:
by iBM
Tue Apr 15, 2014 10:42 am
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Re: 7.5.20 Impressions...

I agree a 100% with Rotund.

I re-started my mixing career here:
by iBM
Tue Apr 15, 2014 11:03 pm
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Re: 7.5.20 Impressions...

For me, the mixer is still a mess of great features that don't work for actual mixing. C6.5 is still a vastly superior mixing solution. Editing, recording, composing 7.5.x is great and getting better. But, for mixing ... YUK.
My thoughts exactly. 100% agree :)

Now that I have spent about 5 hours on/with Reaper (first and foremost as a mixing solution), I wholeheartedly regret that I didn't look at Reaper 18 months ago. Seems like a great mixing environment. And a very flexible one.
Will happily investigate further after the Easter holidays.

See my other thread about re-starting my mixing career ;)

I will of corse continue to use C6.5 and N5.5, as well as taking advantage of some of the great new features in C7.5. Track Versions in particular when recording multitracked Drumkits and other multimiced sources. For single miced sources like vocal etc, I still like Cubase's Lanes feature the best. But for mixing ... YUK.

The short-term mixing solution is still C6.5, but for mid- to long-term mixing solution I am looking inte Reaper, and PT and S1 (in which I have some experience).
The more Steinberg moves away from the "old" mixer, the more sense even the PT mixer makes.

Remember, I am only talking about the mixer and mixing stage here. For all other purposes Cubase and Nuendo are my nr 1 DAW. Frustrating to say the least, to see the mixer fall off the cliff like this.
by iBM
Wed Apr 16, 2014 5:59 pm
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Re: Bitwig - competition is great

Is this really a competition to Cubase?
by iBM
Fri Apr 11, 2014 1:55 pm
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Re: The new Steinberg plugin

Strophoid wrote:Nice :)

Oedipus Driftpunch wrote:Whoever photoshopped that should be embarrassed it's in the public domain. They won't appreciate you disseminating it.

Glad you enjoy some light-hearted humour too. :?

;) :) :D :mrgreen:
by iBM
Fri Apr 11, 2014 1:58 pm
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Re: CUBASE 7.5 bypass plugin - different look

Yeah, getting sick of hovering, waiting, moving, hovering, clicking, missing, moving, hovering etc etc
When mixing you should "act" on the mixer, rather than think. A mix console is for an engineer what an instrument is for a musician. You must be able to learn to "play it" on instinct.......

........This is very difficult with the new Mix Console in C7/7.5 and Nuendo 6, and we can't "play it" as of now, as you have to stop - where is what? what are the status? what plugins are open? etc........... "Killing" the creative flow when you are in the "mixing zone" when all you want is to follow your "feeling" and direction of the song.

To take it to the extreme, it is almost disrespectful to mixing engineers, to prioritize "look" before functionality.
by iBM
Wed Apr 23, 2014 1:22 pm
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Re: CUBASE 8 ideas for developers

That they start all over from Cubase 6.5. No kidding.

Start there > add Track Versions, Track Visibility and Tab to Transient > stop > think > add send/insert combined view in mixer > leave it (for a while).

PS. Of corse include bug fixes fromm the C7 cycle.

But I guess this is so late, that it has to be the wishes for C9 :cry:
by iBM
Wed May 07, 2014 10:58 pm
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Re: [HOWTO?] Export all lanes?

You can convert each lane to seperate tracks.
Not at my DAW, but I think it's a right-click menu on the track, somewhere.
by iBM
Sun May 18, 2014 5:41 pm
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Re: A frikin UNDO button for the sloppy Mix Console

Keep it the way it is!
If that's your statement, and personal opinion, please use your "expertise" and "knowledge" on other topics.
Let those who care for the topic discuss among themself. Maybe it will end up in some constructive ideas and solutions,and not another meaningless internet fight.

My statement, and personal opinion, is that the Mixer is a "mess" GUI wise and because of that also function wise. A seperate undo list for the mixer is very welcome IMO.

Before jumping at me: Yes, I like the Track/Channel Visibility introduced in C7/7.5 (alongside the Track Versions).
by iBM
Sun May 18, 2014 1:26 am
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Re: Cursor flickering & Auto Scroll jerky

Here's a link to a discussion on the matter. In the very first post there are a video to show how/when/why? it happens

Please read through, but here are the link directly to Steinberg's Ed Doll's answer:

Hope that helps (just don't buy a new video card yet) :)
by iBM
Thu May 22, 2014 8:59 am
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Re: Cubase 7.5 / 8 - 'Unlimited' Inserts

So you have never used a 1176 in combination with a LA-2A?

But of corse it only takes two insert though ;)

I do very fine with the nr of inserts we have today when mixing.
My wish for more than 6 pre-fader inserts is solely for the reason of being able to quickly A/B different plugins (compressors, eq's and what not).

As I said before, you DON'T have to use all at once. In fact, you don't need to use any. But.........

.........But not let our old-school thinking be the limitation of the software.
by iBM
Tue May 20, 2014 7:57 am
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Re: Nuendo 6.5?

The NEK should be a seperate install so that it could be used across both Cubase and Nuendo. That way people like me with both Nuendo and Cubase (allready paid for NEK), could use the same functions across both apps.

A paid add-on package for Nuendo only users, free to use in Nuendo for owner of both Cubase and Nuendo.

Is that so hard to do?

I'm also a music producer only, and have also liked Nuendo better (historically) because of some rather small things.
Steinberg's problem is and has always been; Where to draw the line between Music and Post?
Is the forth mixer a Post only feature?
Is the cycle marker export a Post only feature?
Is the extended cross-fade editor a Post only feature?
Is the extended automation a Post only feature?
etc, etc..........

Please fill in what you think are rather suspect Post only features. As said, wher to draw the line?
by iBM
Sat May 24, 2014 2:51 pm
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Re: Key command for volume

In a Cubase 7 forum, I took it that you used.........Cubase 7/7.5

I saw your question in the Cubase 6 section, so what is it you're using?

If you are using C6/6.5, those key commands are not present.
by iBM
Mon May 26, 2014 4:36 pm
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Re: Key command for volume

The OP's problem, I think, is that he is using Cubase 6.

He has posted the same question two other places, under the C6 header and in the Steinberg Lounge.

No wonder he's not finding the right key commands :?
by iBM
Tue May 27, 2014 10:37 am
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Re: Steinberg hub coming to Nuendo...

Dog and Pony wrote:
I know it's true because I read it on the internet! :roll:

Lucky you, got the internet, and all...... We only got the Web World Wide thingy over here :mrgreen:
by iBM
Thu May 29, 2014 11:14 pm
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Re: Where do you guys stand on Sample Rate (Khz)

However when a 'typical' band comes in, it is 24/44.1 all the time.
I just can't hear/percieve a diff at higher rates in those scenarios.

{'-'} Nobody can. It is physically impossible to hear anything over 20kHz.
The human hearing has no mechanics, as in no haircells in our cochlea to convert soundwaves in the frequencies above 20kHz (after a few years only 16-18 kHz) into electric signals (this is the best A to D converter ever excisted - our hearing system).
We don't actually "hear", as the brain receives electric signals. Then we are (our brain is) interperating what's coming in. Ask any hearing doctor.

So 24/44.1 should be more than fine. If not....... if not your converters have bad filtering (Read andyjh's post again about filtering in 44.1 vs 96Khz - he is spot on).
If you hear a difference on 96k against 44.1k, it is not better in 96kHz. It is way worse in 44.1, due to bad filtering artefacts entering our hearing frequency range.

Then watch this video:

After that we can discuss.
I have read thousands of pages on this topic, attended seminars with the head master of TC. Electronics' digital research and developement, Thomas Lund. And I have read my share on the human hearing system.

The most important I have learned, is that we can't fight nature, pure math and physics. It is just physically impossible to hear anything over 20kHz.
by iBM
Sat Jun 07, 2014 3:39 am
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Re: Where do you guys stand on Sample Rate (Khz)

OFFLINE processing benefits from higher BIT RATES.
Online processing (mixdown/DAW playback) are operating in the 32-bit floating point realm, no matter the bit they were recorded at.
Some plugins don't upsample (mostly old bad ones), and may add in noticeable artefacts. Upsampled plugins are benefitial when doing OFFLINE processing, not so much in realtime processing.

And remember the plugin upsampling (4x 8x etc) is upsampling the BIT RATE (for better Dynamic Range/Signal to Noise ratio), not Sample Rate.

So next, Sample Rate has nothing to do with Dynamic Range what so ever (that's bits remember). Sample Rate is all about frequencies. Read up on Nyquists theory.

And remember: There are NO mechanics inside our auditory system that can convert frequencies above 20kHz into electric signals (to be sent to our brain via our nerves). Hence there are NOTHING to be interpreted by our brain, aka heard.

You just can't combat nature.
If you are hearing things, no matter what it is, it HAS to be within the human hearing range. Agree? Which is?
by iBM
Sun Jun 08, 2014 2:23 pm
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Re: Where do you guys stand on Sample Rate (Khz)

I repeat: Whatever you hear has to be within the human hearing range.

That's why I don't discuss this anymore. I try to tell that we can't fight nature. If you really want to discuss the sample rate debate, please talk to any Auditory Doctor worth his grain of salt before buying into all misinformation and myths on the internet.

I happened to discuss this with some Auditory Doctors when my mother attended a research group for Tinnitus at the biggest hospital in my home town, country even.
She have had Tinnitus for many years and participated voluntarily in this research after consulting me. She knew I had more than average interest in the subject, after I finished my Sound Engineer education in the mid 90's (started recording about 1979-80).

PS. For anyone who believe we can "feel" the frequencies above our hearings range, please follow the Fletcher-Munson (phon) curves and figure out how much energy you have to provide, to bring it up at an even level with some lower frequencies (we still can't hear it, but may feel it).

The only way these high frequencies can be used in medical equipment is due the very hard handed high-pass filtering, using all the energy in specific frequency areas.

If we provided the same amount of power into the lower frequencies (we have no amps that can feed that amount of power across a full frequency spectrum within a musical context).
If we could have provided that power played back, we had burned up and/or exploded.

Think of why we can get hot in a ultrasound treatment. Then think of what we had "felt" when that power had hit us in a full frequency musical context (talk about Wall of Sound ;-))

Don't make this harder than it is. Don't fight nature. It is only good old physics and math, and human auditory system limitations.

I finish: However clever you are, or good you are at cut'n'paste, and how many "mumbo jumbo" words you use:

Whatever you hear has to be within the human hearing range. Agree?
by iBM
Wed Jun 11, 2014 12:33 am
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Re: Where do you guys stand on Sample Rate (Khz)

Of corse he sells 96kHz equipment, there's a whole Video producing world out there. Where 96kHz is a standard. He is doing business, and might not be the only stock holder.
But he still got his Sample Rate theory papers together.
You still think that you have more knowledge to this than Dan Lavry? That would surprise me.

Nobody have accused you of anything, but to simplify the discussion a bit I have tried to explain that whatever we hear HAS TO BE within the human hearing range. Our Auditory System dictates that.
That's a fact, and no controversy there.

Your stance is fair enough. But if you cannot take the words of the best converter manufacturers out there, hmmmm I wonder.
As I said, keep on doing your thing. As will I. Can't say that is very harmful.

Before I go on, I wish English were my native language, as there are many fancy words thrown around.
I guess you would struggle a bit if this dicussion were in Norwegian.

I never said my background were superior, but it has a relevance to the music production business. Do you think there are some theory around the topic of Digital Audio in a sound engineer education?
I have chosen to rely on my education, many great seminars and great speakers in the field of audio (many parts of it). And further self-studies.

Who/What do you rely on on the topic of Digital Audio?

I have not said that even discussing this is an excuse for lack of creativity. I have still time to study, read, play and even sleep ;-)

I may have missed the last statements from one famous mastering engineer, but there are hardly any heavy studies on Sample Rate theory in a book about MIDI Orchestration that you refer to (yes ok, go on). It is also a big difference in recorded sounds through mics and pre's etc..... than electronically generated sounds (as these can in theory be infinite, but still not heard). But that's for another day.

Dismissive or derisory comments, I don't even know what meens. I may know it in Norwegian. And just cause???
Something personal? I can't really comment on that.

As far as aggressive goes, I feel this is an aggressive defence on your part.

Whatever we hear has to be within the human hearing range (20Hz - 20kHz). The Human Auditory System dictates that.
These are fact, accepted by all the Auditory Specialist in the world (those with the right education that is).

Yes, maybe the globe is flat. But do not think to much about it.

I guess we're stuck there, so off to do something else. Like watchin the Soccer World Cup :-)
by iBM
Sun Jun 15, 2014 4:34 pm
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Re: Steinberg hub coming to Nuendo...

If this will be like in C7.5, to remove projects from the recent list you have to use the hub.
Remove from the recent projects list cannot be done from the File menu.

Are everybody having their main DAW's online these days?

Not in my studio.
So I need to use an offline hub solution to use the new "Remove from Recent Projects list" feature. At least it is so in C7.5.

This is wasted time and energy to implement when resources could and should be used at more important tasks. I don't get it :?
by iBM
Wed Jun 18, 2014 10:30 pm
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Re: Is there still an update in the pipeline before cubase 8

Steinberg can't afford to release such an "un-finished" product, as C7 were on release, one more time.
Cubase 8 has to be of a much better caliber out of the gate.

And Steinberg will not be taken seriously if the left C7.5 were it is now. Then many users will feel abandoned.
The C7 cycle (as well as the Nuendo 6 cycle) has not been a good one for them, and they know it. They just don't say it.

At least a couple more updates in the C7.5 cycle is absolutely in order. It's nowhere near finished, as I can see it.
by iBM
Sun Jul 06, 2014 1:30 am
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Re: Is there still an update in the pipeline before cubase 8

I guess it depends on what you do.

Being a "bedroom producer" myself (writing for only yours truly) I am more interested in features rather than bug fixes parse but if a feature needs improvement, then there may be a cost in doing that, i.e. new (but not necessarily more) bug fixes.
Here is were our paths are going in different directions. We shouldn't even discuss these issues because of different interrests in our tools IMO.

I am a professional, in the sense of running a commersial studio. I have no time to *knuf* around with newly introduced bugs, broken features from the prior version, new features not working as announced, core functions changed in such big ways that it affects our workflow in a large negative way (Mixer and Control Room), etc......

That's why many of still use Cubase 6.5 and Nuendo 5.5 as our main DAW (in paid work,with clients on your shoulder).
I have had C7 since release, and there are still bugs/broken features and core functions that needs fixing (the Focusing system - What's that's all about?), etc......

Steinberg just can't leave a version of their software in that state. If they do, they just prove that they don't care for their customers at all (pro's or not).

So don't speak SO LOUD about us "whiners", when having no clue what users who depend on (and should be able to trust) their DAW to be able to keep their business running.

PS. Of corse I want to be able to implement the Track Versions and Track Visibility in my work. But those two great additions to Cubase 7.5 doesn't outweigh all the mis-implemented and broken (still not fixed) features.

Add in the big changes in core functions, bringing even Steinberg out on deep water, and you will clearly see that from a business point of view it's best to stay on C6.5/N5.5.
So that's what I do, even 18 months after a new major version were released.

Steinberg is swimming in circles, threading the water on the C7/N6 cycle. Fix it before you drown ;)
by iBM
Sun Jul 06, 2014 1:35 pm
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Re: What Makes Nuendo @$1700 vs. Cubase @$500?

OK then. Her's a list of things in Nuendo, that is NOT in Cubase:

Feature comparison - C7 vs N6

- ADR-Taker Tool
- 64Bit support for Blackmagic and Decklink video cards
- new codecs
- AAF-exchange
- nice Pro Tools compatibility
- bounce-to-markerpoints
- clip-packages/groups
- enhanced automation system
- automation flexible passes technology
- direct stem routing/mixer
- Wave Meters
- Monitor Matrix
- additional post-production plugins, e.g. Nuendo post filter
- PitchDriver, realtime pitch plugin
- MXF audio support
- enhanced EuCon support
- EDL List im/export
- enhanced scrubbing engine
- complete network integration via LAN, WAN
- export Note pad data
- enhanced surround panner V5
- surround matrix decoder/encoder
- additional postpro IRs for REVerence
- enhanced crossfade editor...
- Multiple marker-tracks
- Two video tracks
- Batch Export/Multiple stems export by cycle markers with advanced naming
- Proper Edit mode
- Anymix Pro Surround Panner with upmix/downmix
- Video pull up/down
- Video overlay for text
- Auro 3D format support / up to 13.2 surround support
- Support for IOSONO SAW / Wavefield synthesis products
- ProSoundEffects 1.5 GB FX post-production library included
- extended synchronization/machine control options / Syncstation connection
- EBU-compliant measurement with Loudness Track

+ more exclusives coming with Nuendo 6.5:
- BASS management
- AAF 2.0
- ... more to be added...

For the Pro Post Studio, many things are doing the price difference unimportant. If they need it, the buy it (and the clients pay for it ;-)).

As one who has used both Cubase and Nuendo since SX1 and N1.6, I can for the first time see very clearly the bounderies between their Music app and Post app.
Finally has Steinberg's nagging about the "two different apps" come through to many users, with the difference between Cubase 7.5 and the upcoming Nuendo 6.5.

As a music only producer, the choice of going Cubase only is for the first time easy.
Because I don't like certain parts of Cubase 7/7.5 and Nuendo 6, Nuendo 5.5 will be my last version.
If Cubase 8 will "fix and/or change" the things nagging me, I will go Cubase only.

But yes there are many things in Nuendo that justifies the price difference, if............if you run a pro Post Studio. For pro Music studio's only (and/or hobby), Cubase is the way.
Finally I agree with Steinbergs statement on differentiating the two apps. Not so clearly in earlier versions.
by iBM
Mon Jul 07, 2014 1:21 pm
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Re: NEK.

As a business purchase NEK is not expensive IMO. It's more the principal of getting it all when buying the flagship.
Nuendo may or may not be expensive, regarding what you are comparing aginst.

At least the NEK should be "opened up" in Nuendo to users holding both a Cubase and a Nuendo license. A no-brainer as I see it.
by iBM
Thu Jul 03, 2014 11:52 am
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Re: Nuendo + Cubase no NEK

Nuendo 6 Expansion Kit: Cubase Music Tools for Nuendo, is what they call it.

For users who have both Cubase and Nuendo, it would be sensible to be able to use those "Music Tools" in Nuendo as well. They should open it up for use in Nuendo, as it is installed together with the app. anyway (only a license teqhnical thing).

This should be a no-brainer IMO. Kind of payed for the tools via Cubase already :roll:
by iBM
Thu Jul 03, 2014 11:46 am
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Re: Is there still an update in the pipeline before cubase 8

Thank you my friend :)

Now we turned on to a constructive path. Great.

I only know Sonic Core by name, but I will check it out. I am certainly on the look for, what I call, a new mixing environment.
I can't afford Nuage, but wouldn't spend that kind of money on something so depended on a piece of software anyway.

Mixing in Cubase 6.5 and Nuendo 5.5 has worked fine with me (with a small controller for automation rides etc), but for some reason I just can't get to like the C7/7.5 mixer and Control Room (I am on the verge of bringing out my old monitor mixer for cue mixes).

I have plenty of hardware hooked up through external FX's (see sig). Both reverbs/delays and compressors/eq's. Working great.

Thanks for good explanation :)
by iBM
Tue Jul 08, 2014 10:54 am
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Re: What Makes Nuendo @$1700 vs. Cubase @$500?

surfer wrote:Cubasis $50
iMovie free

Go for your Oscar :lol:
by iBM
Wed Jul 09, 2014 12:43 am
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Re: 30th Anniversary, anything for loyal customers?

If you announce an anniversary should at least be an offer :? :? :?

For your 30th birthday party, are you only inviting people you don't know? Happy birthday :lol:
by iBM
Thu Jul 17, 2014 1:13 am
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