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WaveLab 8.0.3 maintenance update available

Dear forum-members,

Steinberg today releases WaveLab 8.0.3, a maintenance update for its WaveLab 8 and WaveLab Elements 8 mastering solutions. The new update provides many improvements in areas such as loudness measurement, audio montage, plug-ins, user interface and key commands. The update also adds compatibilty to cocoa-based plug-ins and includes an updated version of Voxengo CurveEQ.

The update is available as a free download:
WaveLab 8.0.3
WaveLab Elements 8.0.3


• WaveLab now supports Cocoa-based VST2 plug-ins with reaper extension.
• An updated version of Voxengo Curve EQ is included.

Issues resolved

• The “True Peak” setting is now considered for the Loudness Normalizer function.
• All parameters are now saved correctly when the Loudness Normalizer is used in the Batch Processor workspace.

Audio Montage
• Switching between several open workspaces no longer leads to effect-buttons not being preserved.
• The “solo-track” now works as in WaveLab 7.
• Exchanging files in the Audio Montage now works correctly.

• The iZotope Ozone plug-in user interface does no longer disappear occasionally.
• Stability problems when applying the replacement function in the “missing plug-ins” dialog have been solved.
• When Peak Master is used as track plug-in within the Audio Montage: no "click" at playback start anymore.
• The number of VST2 and VST3 plug-ins is now displayed correctly in the plug-in settings window.
• All included VST3 plug-ins are now working correctly in a surround montage.
• Changing the UI scale of Voxengo Curve EQ now works without re-starting WaveLab.
• A visibility problem with 32-bit UAD plug-ins after re-opening WaveLab has been solved.

• An issue with custom defined track pauses has been solved.
• The CD text editor now opens correctly at the selected track.

Meta Data/FreeDB/VST Audio Connection
• The “@CD-track” variable is now considered correctly when rendering an Audio Montage.
• FreeDB now receives CD information correctly.
• The “selected speaker configuration” is now chosen when opening VST Audio connection window.

File Format
• A mismatch with multiple open DDP files has been solved.
• A problem with encoding an Ogg file has been solved.
• Converting files from dual-mono to stereo format no longer leads to a naming mismatch.

Batch Processor
• Batch processing no longer leads to errors in case more than one core is selected for processing
• Batch processing no longer leads to errors in case the option “auto converted files” is applied.

• The stop-record confirmation display now works correctly.
• Switching from “solo” to “discard” in the recording window no longer leads to program instabilities.

• When applying the “Raise selection” option, other envelope points are now deselected correctly.

• Plug-in names are no longer truncated in the master section (OSX 10.9 only).
• The setting path “Common for all users” no works correctly.

• The name-field no longer resets when choosing further options such as “whole montage”.

Metering/User interface
• An issue with freezing plug-in meters when stopping playback has been resolved.
• The level metering in “true peak” no longer leads to issues.
• The dB-values of volume envelope-points are now displayed correctly.
• The “remaining time” is now displayed correctly even if the background task window is inactive.

Key commands/recent file list
• Pressing CTRL+A now works in file browser to “select all”.
• The playback can now be started by using the “Enter” key (MAC OSX only).
• A defined shortcut for the “record” function now works properly (MAC OSX only).
• The recent file list now contains all entries.

by TimoWildenhain
Thu Oct 31, 2013 2:11 pm
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Re: UAD Instability - Loading in Playback

The UAD meter does have different behavior in Wavelab 8 than it did in Wavelab 7. In Wavelab 7 the meter would hold after stopping play. In Wavelab 8, it unloads. But I can't get Wavelab 8 to crash because of this. I've taken UAD DSP to 80%, and over 100% without crashing. Over 100% it just displays the message "disabled one or more plugins", like it normally does with too much UAD or Powercore. But I can't get it to crash. I don't have hungry plugins like Ampex or Manley to try though. Just alot of smaller ones. But the behavior is different between Wavelab 7 and Wavelab 8 (Wavelab 7 doesn't unload the UAD when you hit stop). The montage checkboxes in both versions have no effect on the UAD meter.
Win 7, Win XP
by bob99
Tue Aug 27, 2013 5:00 am
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Re: N5.5.6 for Mac 64bit?

Highlight the application in the finder. Hit Command-i to get the info box. Check the 64-bit box. Voila.

by Chewy Papadopoulos
Sun Feb 23, 2014 6:40 am
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Re: Direct monitoring on mac?


Sure you can set up zero latency bounce back but it becomes a total mess when you're punching in. If you have a solution to this problem I'd love to hear it. Simultaneously muting the Nuendo Channel while hitting record really doesn't work.
Hmm. Sorry to hear that. I only do audio post for TV here, so I never needed to bounce any outs back and punch in with them, but I thought what with the latency compensation and all, that wouldn't be a problem.
Hope you're cool with moving to PT, I know I wouldn't be...

I was also really disappointed to see that Digicheck doesn't work. I miss that a LOT.

Well at least I think I can help you there. You can loop back an output to an input in the Fireface and meter that input with DigiCheck. I know, It's a bit ridiculous, but if you reeeealy miss DigiCheck...
RME says they're working on a solution for Core Audio in that respect, but they say themselves that it's not high priority...
Anyways, lots of success!

I see you hail from Doylestown, btw. That's cool! :) I grew up in Ambler. Say hi to Montgomery County from me on your next drive to Philly!
by Heiner Einbier
Thu Jun 05, 2014 8:02 pm
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Re: UAD Fairchild Mono Plug Ins

What they've said is that in Cubase and Nuendo, using a plugin's stereo version on a mono track used the same resources as using a mono version, and that the mono versions were included for DAWs where that wasn't the case. Logic was the perennial example. Don't know if that's still true.

by Chewy Papadopoulos
Thu Jul 03, 2014 6:35 pm
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