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Re: Oldie but Goodie Utility

Well, my humble contribution to this thread... :oops:

As I wanted something quick and using as less resources as possible, I focused more specifically on a .txt format result to be used with Notepad. So, to be able to quickly display all my current key commands in one window, I rebuild a .vbs script from scratch. Sadly, this won't work on Mac, as it uses the Windows integrated VBScript feature...

So, here it is (the 'how to' is in the CubaseKC100_ReadMe.txt in the attached zip folder). The script will show the current key commands settings as soon as the [OK] button of the 'Key commands' windows has been used. Hope it will be as useful for some of you as it is for me...

EDIT - CubaseKC101 : a little fix for a more efficient display of key commands related to preferences...

EDIT 2 - CubaseKC102 : a fix that should allow the display of the remaining few keys that weren't until now, due to an improper encoding (UTF-8) of the script. The script has been reencoded in ANSI and it seems that shift+keys combinations using the five keys just at the left of the Backspace-Return-RightShift block are now also displayed as expected.

EDIT 3 : updated version, see here : .
by cubic13
Mon Nov 11, 2013 1:48 pm
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Three thingies that could help... (Windows only, sorry...)

Hope that it will help some of you as much as they do, here... Three VBScript that do the following :

1) CubaseKC103 : a key commands viewer for your setup that display them all in a Notepad window. I managed to make them all appear more or less in one window, using Notepad, mainly because it uses almost no resources, with less than 2 Mb used.

2) CubaseRC124 : a generic remote settings and Quick controls viewer. This one works only for Quick controls settings and Generic Remote definitions that are actually saved in an XML file, using the 'Export' button of the 'Device setup' window.

3) CubasePS104 : a preferences saving tool that saves all your preferences and, after this, launch Cubase. This could help in case of a crash (yes, it happens...), as the saved preferences from the previous session could then be retrieved and pasted in their relevent location again.

Actually, all these are updates of the following threads or posts that I did a while ago :

which are no longer relevent : I changed several things, since...

See the ReadMe.txt file of each of them for the usage and eventual limitations. All these are based on a CubaseprefsPath.ini file which points to the preferences path of the Cubase version that is involved. The main purpose of this is to be able to display settings or save preferences of each and every Cubase versions that you might have installed on your system.

Feel free to report back any issue, using them...
by cubic13
Thu Nov 21, 2013 3:36 pm
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Re: THANK YOU STEINBERG!! Cubase 7 and Cubase 7.5 are amazin

Sorry, Freddie, I just think that with you as with several other inconditional Steiny lovers, there are no longer any dialog possible :

- I'm talking about missing features in RCE, trackpresets, etc. : you talk about 'Closing on exit' which was never one of my point...
- I'm talking about UI regressions and white masked cursor : you talk about 'Aero'...
- I'm talking about Genric Remote features and layout quirks : you talk about 'XP32' tweaks...
- I'm talking about features removed : you talk about... nothing. It's not even considered.

Few things, though :
- Strangely, with Cubase 5.1 and 6.5, I have an optimal system which is working surprisingly well, considering that I have systematically three VSTBridged plug-ins in almost all my projects. And, most of all, both have a clean and working UI with several features that are missing in C7, this with much less resources usage and a great responsiveness. Isn't it strange, and how do you explain that ?

- A last one : I sent three months ago at Fabio Bartolini (guess you know who he is...) a complete .nfo file of my system (in the same way, I guess that a Windows 'specialist' like you knows what this also is...). Guess what ? He admitted in return by PM, after being, as you, suspicious about my DAW, that my system had nothing that could be really problematic. This was initially about an exchange concerning the dreaded 7.0.5 bug which was crashing Cubase when hitting 'F3' to close the MixConsole. Remember this one ?

I'll stop here. End of this useless exchange... :roll:
by cubic13
Sun Dec 15, 2013 10:06 pm
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Re: Mixer faders soft takeover.. generic remote?

This feature is neither available directly in the 'Device setup' window, nor documented.

BUT, there is a workaround...
1) Open with a text editor (i.e., notepad) your generic remote file definition (which is an .xml one, that should have been saved with the 'Export' button of the 'Device setup' window).
2) To each and every control for which you would like to have soft takeover, in its dedicated line starting with <ctrl>, add the value 8 to the <flags> one already existing. In example, if you have a control named 'K 09 (B1)' in your Generic Remote definition, edit its line :

<ctrl><name>K 09 (B1)</name><stat>176</stat><chan>7</chan><addr>52</addr><max>127</max> <flags>1</flags> </ctrl>

to get this one :

<ctrl><name>K 09 (B1)</name><stat>176</stat><chan>7</chan><addr>52</addr><max>127</max> <flags>9</flags> </ctrl>

Make the same editing for all the controllers involved.

3) Save and close the file and restart Cubase : soft takeover should now be working for the choosed controllers.

Don't ask me why this isn't directly available in the 'Device setup' window and not documented. I'm now waiting for an answer from Steiny about this, after the feature request made here : .
by cubic13
Tue Oct 29, 2013 4:56 pm
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