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[Poll] Fix the insert handling in the new mixer console?

The new insert handling in mixer console, with the hidden buttons, makes workflow better or worse?

Notice where I have the mouse pointer located and what actually happens when I click.
This happens all the time for us that have narrow mixer settings (many mixer channels on screen).
Take a look the my screenshot gif animation here:
by msy
Wed Nov 06, 2013 8:51 am
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Re: 2014 - and Cubase 7.5 still does not recognize a USB-dev

And they still know for sure it's down to Cubase.

No need for bantering. I'm not sure you understand the cause.
I agree that it isn't a major problem if you work in a studio, but in live sessions it can be a problem that you have to reload the entire project during performance if something gets disconnected by mistake. USB-cables doesn't have clips so it can easily happen when you move around on stage.

It IS a Cubase-problem because it only reads the devices at Cubase-startup. Ableton Live and some other DAWs can refresh/read devices after startup if the user wants to. It's not 100% working in all DAWs, but at least it's something - and it proves that it isn't a Windows-problem per se. Microsoft could never release an update that makes this work, Cubase code must be changed.

Allocating the actual driver is something that Windows does - not Cubase. Cubase just has to update it's list of available devices (which may not be THAT simple since Cubase can overwrite settings/preferences in your current project).
by msy
Tue Jan 21, 2014 5:05 pm
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