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Nuendo 6.5?

Cubase 7.5 comes out at 4th of december. How about Nuendo 6.5? When does it come out?
by riwe
Fri Nov 29, 2013 11:14 am
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So 7.5 is here (almost)

Well on Dec 4th. Really looking forward to trying it.

It looks fantastic, and there are even score enhancements :D
by johnstaf
Fri Nov 29, 2013 11:06 am
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Re: So 7.5 is here (almost)

Surprised nobody's bringing up the hiding of channels in the arrange, that's the number one workflow feature for me, and much requested. Also if youre scoring, bridging the gap between instrument tracks and the instrument rack is great.
by lukasbrooklyn
Sat Nov 30, 2013 11:54 am
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Re: Nuendo 6.5?

It will be later next year.

by Fredo
Fri Nov 29, 2013 1:28 pm
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Re: So 7.5 is here (almost)

All of this socialist banter about greed and paid .5 versions is tiring.

The name of the version is semantics. If they called it Cubase 8 what argument would be used then?

The "greed" of someone wanting to be paid more for their product is no worse than the "greed" of someone else who wants to pay less for that product.
by jaslan
Sat Nov 30, 2013 4:11 am
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Re: Nuendo 6.5?


Nuendo 6.5 is going to be released in beginning of Q2 2014. Beside all features already revealed in Cubase 7.5 it will get even more post-pro / surround mixing relevant functions, such as a professional Bass Management. In terms of development time, it simply takes longer to bring all the additional features into the upcoming Nuendo 6.5.

We may also be able to correct some more issues in terms of GUI, but in general it will be the status of Cubase 7.5.
Key Command/mixer issue will (most likely) be fixed.

by TimoWildenhain
Mon Dec 02, 2013 10:49 am
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Re: Nuendo 6.5?


yes, we will release Nuendo 6.0.7 beginning of February.
Among other fixes it will include a major update for the AAF filter.

by TimoWildenhain
Mon Dec 02, 2013 12:20 pm
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Please, please, please update the CC121 driver

After a long long time without update for the CC121 (altough many here want it) ---- any clues if there will ever be an update for the controller? Its bascially an option to flip the Q and the G knob so that they finally (after years) match the software. And how about that requested more analog (or evern custom) scaleing feel of the frequency knob.

If i was a programmer i would really do it on my own. i actually already asked around. the Q and G knob flip is prolly a 5 minute programming job. i can't understand why Steinberg does not care about the CC121 users.

.... btw: i have NEVER really used the EQ sections since they are so ... ehm.. un-analog to use. and the Q and G flip is just a nightmare!
by pwmspeed
Wed Sep 28, 2011 6:02 pm
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Re: Please, please, please update the CC121 driver

i really don't understand why CC121 is not further improved, lot of users find it hard to work with efficiently.
its the Half baked situation again from steinberg/yamaha.
i think little effort from them and some creativity mind should make this controller much better !!

* channel select buttons to follow MC when in focus or even better by toggle with button combination to focus Project/MC tracks

*make the knobs resolution changeable for big sweeps.

*have more control options from cubase, like assign the function knob with 4 buttons to adjust tracks Gain HP/LP filters, or bypass CS,Inserts, sends of selected channel. (cant find right now an option on C7.5 to assign them to CC121 functions)

*option to turn off the Motorized fader (without pulling out the power cord)
by mozizo
Sun Jan 19, 2014 12:54 am
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Cubase / Cubase Artist 7.5.10 maint. update in the works

Dear Cubase / Cubase Artist 7.5 users,

The 7.5.10 maintenance update for Cubase 7.5 / Cubase Artist 7.5 will be available from February 6, 2014 on as a free download and includes the following improvements:

• The loading time of huge projects is no longer unexpectedly high.
• Switching between projects with different sample rates now works as expected.
• Closing the record mode pop-up of the Transport Panel now behaves as expected.

• Emptying the trash on the Audio Pool no longer leads to an unresponsive state of the application.
• Inserting hitpoints now works as expected.

• Audio return channels of instrument tracks are now always displayed correctly.
• Clicking on a MIDI region of an instrument track in an inactive project while holding the SHIFT key no longer leads to an unresponsive state of the application.
• Reselecting a drum map in setup window no longer renders the application unreliable.

• Scrolling in the Score Editor now works as expected.

• Switching between channel strip presets with different EQ positions no longer affects the bypass EQ state.
• Switching from a multi-display to a single monitor setup no longer changes the MixConsole window configuration.
• When using a Steinberg UR series interface and displaying the hardware rack in MixConsole, scrolling and zooming now works as expected.

• The complete plug-in set is now working as expected in Cubase Artist 7.5.

• All functions of a Mackie Control Universal involving the SHIFT button now work as expected.
• Using the configurations 1-8 on a Mackie Control Universal now work as expected.
• When switching tracks during recording, the Quick Controls now behave as expected when using a Mackie Control Universal.

Thanks for choosing Cubase!

Helge Vogt
Team Leader Product Marketing Group
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
by Helge Vogt
Wed Jan 29, 2014 4:26 pm
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Workflow for Managing song sections?

For some types of music, I like to build up songs a section at a time (e.g. a verse section and a chorus section). When I'm working on one section, I'd like a clean project window - only working on that one section. But I'd also like to be able to rapidly switch between sections.

The new version of Tracktion has a feature called "multiple edits", which looks ideal for this kind of workflow:

What workflow do you folks use in Cubase for this type of composition?
by mgraham
Mon Feb 03, 2014 7:52 pm
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[FR] Multiple projects : disable automatic activation

Hi, I often work with multiple projects, it would be a huge timesaver if, when closing a project, Nuendo didn't automaically load the next one (mixer, plugs, instruments...) if that's not what you actually want to be happening !

Example :
I have a full multitrack show heavy project that is opened in Nuendo but isn't meant to be active, because i'm only cutting and drag'n'dropping the audio of each song in new projects I create to end up with one project per song.
If I close the project I created for the first song BEFORE creating the project for the second song, Nuendo loads the full show project by default and it can take some time...

It would be nice if a project could stay inactive unless you click the "activate project" button even if it's the only project opened in Nuendo...

by Yannick
Fri Oct 11, 2013 7:06 pm
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Multiple projects simultaneously active w/o VST reloading

I didn't find this by searching, sorry if a similar request has been already posted.

This may be a bit too big request, but posting it anyhow since I really hope to see this - switching back and forth multiple projects without needing to wait for VSTis reload.

As far as I understand Cubase is capable of opening two or more projects simultaneously but only one project can be active at a time. Switching between the projects does not let you listen to the inactive projects, or even show parameters of VSTs. You'll have to activate the project in order to really see anything in there. This could take painfully long time if you have decent number of VSTis in a project.

This has been potentially a big disadvantage. Practically keeping us from utilizing existing resources - tracks, presets, easy drag & drop of parts, you name.

I would be more than happy even if it requires opening two Cubase instances, as long as those two instances can time-share the same audio device happily.

by c2d
Tue Mar 05, 2013 7:37 pm
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Key Editor > Mocked-up Enhancements for Film Scoring (pic)

(edit. "Hey Cubase devs. Call me. Let's chat. Your software is a little wonky in places.")

Hope you can find some of these enhancements useful...

These are only a few things I'd like to see implemented specifically for film scoring in the Key Editor. (mockup pic attached)
(Full Size - click attachment for full size)

Marked Up: (key)
(Full Size - click attachment for full size)

1. Layout Selector. Ability to easily switch with a drop-down between Key Editor, track editor, mixer, etc. This would replace workspaces as needed.

2. Scrub Tool. This is one the things I missed the most about Cubase coming from Sonar. Many times I would have 4-5 instruments in harmony and I would want to mouse over the section i would want to preview and this would allow me to hear all my instruments at once in one mouse click. Then I as I move the mouse across the timeline, I can quickly hear each desired chord. The options would be have it play solo instruments or all notes in the Key editor.

3. Video Button. Simple, you click it, the video pops up. You click it again and it goes away. Options would be to select screen size, video options, etc.

4. Customize menu. Basically add stuff such as the play/pause/rewind buttons.
5. Window Layout Label. This will label the inspector plus #6 Group Tree.

6. Group Tree + Group Branch. (the leaves would be the settings). This is one of the biggest things I would like to see Cubase. The frustrations of switching from key editor back to track editor, selecting instruments, and then double clicking to open up a new window.. write a bit. Close the window or switch back to track editor to select other instruments to populate my Key Editor is a pain. . == You create groups based off the new built in visibility inspector. Then you select which midi track you would like to include in that group. This becomes your folder branch. (which directly works with #13.) You can group sets for all orchestra, Brass Only, Strings Only, Drums Only, Guitar Only, or Guitar+Bass+Lead). Within this group branch, you can have the option showing or hiding the midi tracks based off the visibility function and to hide either the Tree or Branch. Please Steinberg gods, listen to me on this one!!!

7. Scene View. This I have yet to see in any DAW. The concept is this. You have a full locked feature film. You've customized ALL the markers, hit all your hard hit points, soft points and every hit is timed perfectly. THEN, the producers at the studio decide to add another scene plus extend an expression that grabs the heart strings of viewer. This change to the edit means everything shifts and moves. The scene view gives you the ability to break down your films and LOCK your scenes in place. Once the new film is in, all you have do it move it as if it were a group track and it would move every automation, every fade and every note. The left over gaps can be broken down to new measures, shifted tempo, or act as a break in score. Careful planning on your project or sloppy for that matter would make this feature amazing for anyone wishing to change a locked picture.

8. Markers. Yes, have the markers visible in key editor. Why they are not currently in there baffles me.

9. Ghosted Waveform. Many times I find myself wanting to write music around a scene's Dialog or visually see major hits or explosions or punches, or no sound fx. This works directly with #10.

10. Waveform: This gives you the options of adding audio tracks from your project to be ghosted in the key editor. You can adjust order, opacity, waveform height, color, add/remove. etc. I have yet to see anything like this in a DAW and would be experimental for some and very handy in other instances.

11. Layout Selector. Say you want the bottom half of the screen to be your mixer. Boom. no more hundreds of windows. Of course, you can have the option to pop out the mixer if you so desire. This would also be great for the Score Editor feature.

12. Draggable Workspace: Click this enables you to drag your split work spaces up or down or side to side. Right clicking would give you the option to 'lock the height in place.

13. Group Tree Foldout: This is a collapsable and expandable slot that houses your groups for easy switching. This also allows for the Group Tree/Branch Inspector panel to collapse out of view. (#6). From here you can also quickly solo/mute specific groups for easy playback.

14. Global Switch. another space for muting, solo, etc. haven't thought one through yet, but would be nice to have something quick access to globally mute all similiar to track editor's.

15. Tempo View. This should be one of the additional automation lanes. With a Tap Tempo feature for on the fly tempo insertion.

Any devs/designers listening? I'll be happy to answer any questions or consult.

Happy Holidays!

EDIT and Addition...
After writing solid music for a month now, I've come across some things in the key editor that just don't make sense. here's the post or scroll below:
So, I just wanted to give an update to this whole Key Editor window and Cubase 7.5 in general...

Here's a few things that are bugging me about the current Key Editor:

- I've found that there's some many weird quirks trying to switch back and forth with the key editor to the project, picking another instrument and then back to key editor.. When doing so it automatically rewinds the window to the beginning of the instrument's region start. then I find myself having to scroll back to where I was working. (unless auto scroll is one which is a nusance in its own listed further below)

- Another is when you try to set the transport over the "Part Border" (the part's flagged region on top) there's no space to set the transport. I have to literally find a very very small space to click, or I have to push the part name flag over to the left to make room for the cursor. VERY frustrating.

- I still think it's silly they don't include markers in Key editor. It's like flying blind in a timeline without a road map.

- When I select a new group of instrument regions for the key editor, it defaults to velocity and modulation and it's set default height. This becomes a major pain because some regions span the height and I have to constantly either resize the lane window, or choose a preset from the list.

- The "Auto-Scroll" feature gives me a headache. When it plays, it'll move the entire timeline. Why can't it play the transport bar and then 'refresh' the screen with the next 10-15 bars as it scrolls through. like in chunks perhaps? I hate to say it, but Sonar nailed it. (as long as you hit the Scroll Lock btn). Just not very intuitive and smooth to the flow. (this can be argued with many, so go ahead and make your valid point)

- The mixer is just a hot mess and it's scrolls back to the beginning of the group too all the way to the left. I keep finding myself having to scroll back to the end to mess with the EQ or volumes, or whatever plugin i want to tweak for that instrument. (Especially a pain in the arse when there's 50+ instruments in your mixer) many of these woes have to do with Kontakt and my Multi-output setup. (and next...)

- This maybe a Kontakt thing, but when I have multi-outputs for an instance loaded up, my kontakt layers will automatically rename itself according to the Kontakt Output. This is frustrating because I have to keep renaming the track name to know what I'm editing in the mixer. grr. it's only the first one of the group too. ie, i'll name it Violin1 and if I do a clear output or reload my project, the first one becomse St K1. (or something to that effect)

- Using the pencil tool I can only draw on a one line and can only extend the note's duration. I'd like to be able to click a note and drag it around all while hearing the note being played. Otherwise, I have to click and drag the note to the desire length, let go, and then swith to the move tool to move it up and down. A modifier such as Alt, ctrl, or shift would be nice to switch to moving it up, down, left and right.

- I'd love to have the ability to see the varying intensities of notes depending if they are selected. For instance, if you set the key editor Event Color to "Part" the instrument shows the color of the layer. But, all the other instruments are the same intensity making it hard to distinguish which one you've selected. Granted, this is part of my workflow of seeing the entire orchestra in one key editor view. Those of you who only use one at a time do not apply.

- When I hit, Select All, I wish the key editor would combine the regions versus having, Violin1, Violin1, Violin1. This is an issue because if I was to have a feature film on my hand and I hit select all, I would probably have 20+ Violin1 parts. There needs to be an option to "Combine regions as one instrument" in preferences.

The more I mess with the Key Editor the more my overall mockup makes sense. Bouncing back and forth just to select my instruments is a road block and destroys the creative flow. I don't mean to be so picky with this post, but to me these adjustments make sense and I'd imagine it does to others who fancy the key editor as much as I do. I really hope the Cubase coding geniuses are listening.

Cubase is a great product. It has potential to be the best with a few small tweaks.

by JustinDurban
Sun Dec 22, 2013 8:17 pm
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Re: when to expect next Nuendo ?


Nuendo 7 is currently still in beta phase due to the extensive feature scope, which means it won't be
available in Q1 this year. However, more information on Nuendo 7 features in general will be available soon. ;)

by TimoWildenhain
Thu Feb 19, 2015 2:37 pm
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