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Re: Any plugs to remove acoustic guitar string squeaks?

The de-esser that comes with Cubase does a great job. Just play with it. I use it for this purpose. It actually is a magic bullet.
by Early21
Tue Oct 29, 2013 3:54 am
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Re: Any plugs to remove acoustic guitar string squeaks?

and ... there's a 10 day trial!

Be warned though! it's highly addictive ... and expensive! :shock: :lol:
by HowlingUlf
Mon Oct 28, 2013 9:40 pm
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Re: Any plugs to remove acoustic guitar string squeaks?

No magic bullet.

Try a parametric EQ. Start with very narrow Q, gain all up. Sweep the frequency band to find the offensive freq. Then cut gain to notch it out and listen for unpleasant artifacts. If is sucks all the "air" out of the guitar, it's too much, bring the gain up a bit. I wouldn't try to remove all the squeaks, it's a natural part of steel-string performance and will sound weird and unnatural if completely removed.
by swamptone
Mon Oct 28, 2013 5:50 pm
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Re: Tips Tricks And Workflow Goodness.

On a more general note :
creating my personal set of KCs, trying to cram as much of my bread & butter stuff into the first (non-modifier) level as possible, rearranging everything in a way that's intuitive for me

closely related :
using a Logitech G700 multi-button mouse with alt, ctrl, shift and double click on the thumb buttons, and esc as well as my 3 main workspaces on top, great inertia scroll wheel too
as a guitar player I'm the "one armed bandit" during tracking, so these things count big time

by Rhino
Thu Oct 24, 2013 6:04 pm
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Re: Tips Tricks And Workflow Goodness.

... ok, cool :) , here's something a bit less obvious :
One of the most tragic omissions in current Cubase is the lack of true multi-track wave editing, including free warp.
On the other hand, it's not exactly unheard of to record several mics at once, e.g. on guitars, piano ...
The simple task of editing out noise can get very boring when you have to repeat it over and over, let alone timing adjustments or other more involved tasks.
Not perfect, but at least a workaround for the time being :
Use a 6.0 surround audio track ! :idea:
A bit tricky to setup, and you'll want to fiddle with the 6.2 downmix plugin a bit for temporary listening (maybe on a group ?), but at least you'll deal with a single track that you can edit, warp and comp all you like. 8-)
Once you've sorted out the musical side, maybe only listening to one of those channels/tracks during edits, you can explode the surround track to single tracks for full mixdown control, including phase alignment (if 32bit is ok, I can recommend the mighty and free PreFix by VoS !) and any other mixing stunt you can think of.
To setup such a surround audio track, you'll have to define a 6.0 input bus and 6.0 output bus (this one can go nowhere) in VST connection first.
Once you've created that first track and set up your routing for temporary listening (surround group with only the main mic channel unmuted ?), you can use the abovementioned macro for one-click generation of these complicated tracks, making overdubs a breeze.
Hopefully Cubendo will get an updated multi-track wave editor soon, maybe by improving the current folder method, but until then this workaround might be worth the trouble for some.
have fun,
by Rhino
Tue Oct 29, 2013 9:54 pm
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Re: Tips Tricks And Workflow Goodness.

... and a tiny little detail in C7, completely overlooked over all the (justified !) workflow discussions, something everybody will enjoy for a change :o :
you can now define a default preset for each and every plugin, try it, it can be found exactly where you'd search for it and works just as expected, no ill side effects, how's that ? :ugeek:
by Rhino
Tue Oct 29, 2013 10:32 pm
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Re: OS X 10.9 Mavericks and Cubase 7

Had my first full on crash today.
Had a project open for around 8 hours today and suddenly I got a white screen and some text saying the Mac has crashed.
It rebooted.
Loaded up cubase but Cubase crashed every single time I tried to "open file..."
It would crash as soon as I opened my self made directory "Cubase Projects"
I tried it a few times, crash crash crash.
In the end I think I just found the project file and double clicked it and got in that way.

I had to turn on and off the UR28M as I think it crashed and wasn't being recognised.
Infact it was in the device list under Yamaha *something...*

The crash happened when I was switching the device driver over from UR28M to Built In Audio on my iMac.
I did have a deactivated and turned off DSP effect on one channel and thought that might have been the cause.
by HarrySound
Wed Oct 30, 2013 1:36 am
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Re: Drums for a Cubase Newbie

Midi loops are your friend in this case.
Use Media Bay to search for midiloops in the VST Sound folder.

Tons of drum beats to choose from.
by Rotund
Sat Nov 02, 2013 1:01 am
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Project Sample Rate Reduction Test

I was working on a project with lots of VSTi’s and plugins and the old VST meter was starting to ping. For interest sake I decided to save the project under another name and reduce the sample rate in the new project from 96 to 44.1 Cubase went away and did its thing (quite clever actually – did all the SRCs to the audio files and prompted to save the original audio files and so on…). Once finished I played the tune and noticed something strange with the drums. I have a couple of instances of Groove Agent in the project and when I solo’d them I noticed they were all distorted. In fact, it appears that Groove Agent did not get the message about the sample rate conversion and continued to render at the higher sample rate (or so it seems as I cannot really confirm this). In any event Cubase did a pretty good job with overall process except for Groove Agent.

One other thing… I was reading about the seemingly endless debate about sample rates – those who assert there is no audible difference between 44.1 and anything higher (be it 96 or 192 or whatever). At my age I cannot claim ‘golden ear’ status but I have to say that even my grizzled tympanic membranes could hear a significant difference between the 44.1 project and the 96 project. Who knows, maybe there were other conversion issues of which I remain unaware but even after fixing the drums the 44.1 version sounded tinnier than the 96 version.

On the upside it was great for VST load… Dropped it by about 40%.
by cpechet1
Sat Nov 02, 2013 5:05 pm
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Re: Steinberg's dongle alternative coming

It is one thing to say, "Hey Steinberg, the dongle is inconvenient and I would be even more interested in your product if I didn't have to use it." It is even acceptable to say, "I won't buy another product that requires it." This is what the feature request forum is for...

It is another to say, "I can't believe I have to use a dongle! I am the customer and you have to make me happy. I can't live by the terms of the transaction I have already agreed to." This is just whining.

It is so lame to whine about a deal after one has agreed to it.

Never agree to terms that are not acceptable to you. If enough agree, then of course, the vendor will have to make an adjustment. If you give in and buy anyway, then you are just confirming that the terms were reasonable.
by jaslan
Fri Nov 01, 2013 8:42 pm
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[Tip of the day] Tempo map from rotten audio file

I'm a little impressed what Cubase can do today! 8-)

I have this old cassette-recording I wanted to "snatch" the guitar solo from, because it's worth a better fate.
It's just me and a friend but I had this plan for ages to rerecord the silly song and the solo has to be note for note perfect so ... haha! I brought it onto myself :mrgreen:
I want to do it as exact as possible so I need to practice a little and I needed to loop a section at a time.
I thought I just use the tempo detection thingie but alas the tape was just a mess!!!
All bass and thunder synth pads and heavy guitars and almost no drums ... very old tape ... VERY OLD!
what to do?
I have tried this before but this seemed to be to far gone but it's worth a try.
What I did was I had the original audio track and then I duplicated it and muted the original.
Then I proceeded to heavily EQ the copy track to get rid all the noises that distracted Cubase while detecting the tempo.
I ended up with a "curve from hell" with two sharp peeks, on around 100hz and the other at 5kHz.
The rest of the curve was lying flat at the bottom almost of the window and the sound was HORRID!!!
*pf tz pf tz pf tz pf tz pf tz pf tz * but that's what I was after.
Then I used the tempo detection tool and ... voilà!!! IT WORKED! 8-) :lol:

I unmuted the original track and muted the EQed copy and now I have a workable tempotrack.
I can loop any bar and practice all I want until I have it down exactly as I want it.
Mission accomplished!
by HowlingUlf
Tue Nov 05, 2013 10:40 pm
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Re: Steinberg's dongle alternative coming

Not exactly as short as some of the Bluetooth transmitters but significantly shorter.
Cubase Artist also requires a USB-eLicenser, it would have to be Cubase Elements and depending on the project, this might not be enough as a interim solution as features are missing. It should be possible to continue to work with the version you purchased.

Maybe this could be a solution: Give all registered users of a dongle protected Cubase version a free Elements license for mobile use. A Cubase license already costs $800 and adding $130 just to be able to work mobile with a very stripped down version just doesn't feel right.

Creating a software license costs nothing so this should not be a big deal, especially considering that Cubase users technically already have an Elements license on their dongle. It's just currently not possible to part it from the big license and to move it to a software license.
by Benutzername
Wed Nov 06, 2013 11:45 am
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Sound of Humanity - Typhoon Haiyan

To anyone interested: I'm going to try to put together an instrumental track and release it on the Facebook page as a show of support for those impacted by Haiyan. I haven't yet heard of any relief efforts large enough to justify the effort it would take us to put together an album, but if I do that may change.

As a matter of reference for comparison's sake, Haiyan is the most powerful storms ever recorded. It exceeded the maximum value on the 8.0 on the force scale with sustained winds 190 mph (305 km/h) and gusts of 230 mph (370 km/h). Obviously, the maximum on the scale wasn't dictated by physics but instead on the highest amount of force observable via airplane (or maybe it is satellite).

If anyone else would like to donate a track, let me know in this thread and, if you aren't already, I'll add you to the private Facebook group for collaborators to continue the discussion there.
by foolomon
Sun Nov 10, 2013 2:57 pm
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H2E content won't install

When I try and install H2E content, I get a prompt saying "another installation in progress" when there isn't anything else running (I even rebooted). Any ideas?
by beatpete
Wed Dec 04, 2013 8:07 pm
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Re: Howto to get rid of VST Instruments in the rack?

Click the vsti name.

It took me a while too
by bugishcompany
Wed Dec 11, 2013 9:38 pm
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Re: Free VST for the holidays

They've done this before. It means that the (perpetual) license is free until Jan 1, after which they start charging for new licenses. So get it now.

IMHO this is not kool.

Just a digital version of the old 'bait and switch'.

If it is [free for a limited time], please state that.

Fingerwag/fistshake/blackmark for NI in my book.

Curteye, I think you're misinterpreting the [free for a limited time] concept of this gift... If person A gets it now it's free and it remains free for person A. If person B gets it after 12/31 person B will have to pay 49$. It's not like person A gets it now for free and the same person A suddenly will have to pay a license after 12/31 to continue to use it.

So in my eyes there's nothing wrong with it (although person B will not be amused when person A tells him what a fool he has been :-) ), you can safely unfingerwag/unfistshake/unblackmark NI for this :-)
by dirkpiano
Fri Dec 20, 2013 10:28 pm
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Re: Score layout question

Not such a dumb question ;).. there's no "automatic" way. You'll have to drag them manually.
In order to avoid conflicts while moving the events, do this..
Temporarily disable "Show Chord Track", from the Scores menu >Adavanced Layout.
If you have several markers, Shift+double-click on the first one (to select them all), then drag the selection higher (either with the Hand tool, or, as I prefer, by using key commands for the four Graphic Nudge functions).
You can now reactivate "Show Chord Track".
Of course, if you'd prefer to keep the Markers in place, and lower the Chord symbols, you now know how to do that too ;).
by vic_france
Sat Dec 21, 2013 11:58 pm
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Mixer idea

I had an idea last night after working on a tune with about two dozen tracks. Yes....another "what if?" idea. It's fairly painless.
Click Me
by Weasel
Sun Dec 22, 2013 3:36 am
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Re: ATTENTION: Steinberg Management

Yes, your emails are here and I am really sorry for the delay. We will respond to them very soon!
by Ed Doll
Sat Jan 11, 2014 5:46 pm
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Re: 7.0.7 late update

ipanema wrote:
You were probably too patient and relaxed to tick the option "Check for updates automatically".

Arghh! What the?! I have it bypassed!!! Can't you tell?!! I'll never buy another product from them again!

Good morning America!!
This just in:
A chicago-based musician is facing possible nervous break-down after a "V1 Patience By-pass" surgery. Doctors claim his rare condition might have been caused by NOT tapering off his medication while he definitely needed a higher doze. They also asserted that they had no idea the patient had attempted a self-induced by-pass before the operation, simply because there is no blood test indicating the amount of "Patience" in the patient, while they were "under the impression (as earlier indicated by the patient himself) that he was still using the originally prescribed doze" and that "they felt sorry for him". A source who chose to remain anonymous (Curteye, who allegedly prescribed the medicine initially) says the patient never revisited him to control his doze of "Patience". He further disclaimed any responsibility. More on this, later on the news…

hmmmm maybe i just have an addiction problem -cant wait for my next fix.... damn steinberg!!! you told me you will deliver in jan.
my blood pressure is rising with all this wait grrrrrrrr where can i download latest version of patience???

On a related development, eye-witnesses say an angry-looking drugstore customer has attempted to increase his doze of "Patience" on his own discretion. Police took him to the hospital after smashing the windows of the "patience-related" drugs located in the rear section of the store. Witnesses say he was also using articulately "bad words" against one "Steinberg" company, based in Germany, Utah. The ER doctor claims he is suffering from high blood pressure probably caused by the "wrong" doze of "Patience". Unconfirmed reports say this particular patient was not "patient" enough to receive a "timely" update from the aforementioned company. Investigations are underway to determine the relevance, while our reporters are trying to learn Japanese as fast as they can to contact Steinberg. The relationship between the drug "patience" and blood pressure is taken over by FBI and may result in the questioning of the American Foods and Drugs Administration, Association, Organization, whatever…

And now with the weather is our one and only...
by ipanema
Sat Feb 01, 2014 6:42 pm
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Re: 7.0.7 late update

So, let me see if I understand this:

We users keep asking DAW Manufacturers for more features in a daily basis. And, since the "basic" features are already there, we ask for really complex new functions. Considering editing a not-so-pro choir section, and think what can be done today that was IMPOSSIBLE just few years back (not even talking analog tape here). Compare C5 and C7 in terms of functionality, for instance...

We also expected all those new functions, features, upgrades and updates to come as cheap as possible, preferably for free, because we already paid something like 500 bucks, right?. The current DAW used to cost double as much few year ago, but, who cares? It is not our problem, it is a manufacturer problem. This is the user POV.

Now, let's check for the manufacturers POV: users wants really complex modifications (even if they won't use them / need them in the near future), for free, developed with the same development team (manufacturers can't afford to growth the team, since users paid for the latest SW probably half they paid 10 years ago), and FAST. Manufacturers also has to deal with different computer environment (Mac OS X, several Windows versions, and hundreds of internal HW possibilities, plus hundreds of digital interfaces, in at least two different kind of busses). Oh, and please don't forget the support team, which should be available for free 24 hs / 365 days a year, in 5 or 6 different languages, and considering amateur users, as well as professional producers.


I don't know you guys, but I re-paid all the money I paid to Steinberg yearly with just one project (my Customers paid more than 50 euros for any kind of recording/mixing/mastering services, probably I am too expensive). And all of my amateurs friends, they know Cubase Elements or Artist is cheaper than two Nintendo / Playstation games, so they don't complain either.

Am I wrong?

PLEASE, LETS GIVE THEM A BREAK. If we want BETTER products every year, somebody has to think about it, develop it, test it, sell it, distributing it, document it, support it and make money out of it. This is the only possible equation. And if we want it FASTER, well, think on spending more money over the equation, because that is what it takes.

Just my opinion. I am a happy user anyway.

by Martinoto
Wed Feb 05, 2014 4:11 pm
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Re: Why isn't there a Nuage Section?

Since Fredo is the only one here that I know of who purchased one, I'd hoped he would've kept us up to date on how things were going with it in his studio. But, so far, nothing!

Well, things are going like they have been going in the past.
With the only difference that everything has become easier and faster in the Nuage Room.
If there is something you want to know about the Nuage, just ask.

by Fredo
Mon Feb 24, 2014 8:30 am
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Reverse Cymbal Note Length.

Very New Newbie here so please be kind.
Using Elements 7, Win7, Virtual keyboard and included instruments only at this stage.
Managed to get some basic Midi tracks down but struggling with something I can't work out. I have a Reverse Cymbal sound on a separate track in a project that comes from Halionsonic GE Reverse Cymbal(GM120). Each key on the virtual keyboard represents a different pitch and note length from low/long reverse cymbal sound to high/short. I select the one that fits exactly to the length of sound I want and it's all good and save the project. Whenever I re-open the project and begin playback the note length is shortened for some reason. It's still the same length visually in the editor but cuts out halfway along during playback.
If I open up the Halionsonic editor in the track and go right up to the highest note on the virtual keyboard (using the arrows to scroll right up there) and play that note which is mini second short it resets everything and makes all the notes in the instrument longer again. Then when I play the track the original note length is fine and long again. I have to do this each time I work on the project to get the note length to it's original length.
Sorry If I haven't explained it well.
by goosecat
Wed Mar 12, 2014 6:34 am
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Re: Anyone take the 'Survey'? Interesting questions.

Thanks for informing people about the survey.

It took me about 30 x mins to complete though a lot of it did not really apply to me as I do not use all the many application functions listed. Though I have used a few sequencers in the past (Korg M1, Yamaha QY20) and I am still learning Cubase.

It was interesting in that answering the questions (verbatim) really made me think and become more aware about my current compositional process.
by monsterjazzlicks
Sun Mar 16, 2014 1:08 am
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Cubase / Cubase Artist 7.5.20 maintenance update available

Dear Cubase and Cubase Artist 7.5 users,

We are happy to announce the availability of the 7.5.20 maintenance updates for Cubase 7.5 and Cubase Artist 7.5. Both updates are a free download and fully supported (please see the bottom of this post for links).

• TrackVersions: Delete Inactive TrackVersions
• Control Room Improvements
• Channel/track visibility: Key command for “Update configurations”
• Steinberg Hub: Remove recent projects from list
• Project window toolbar: Additional buttons
• New Preference: Record-Enable allows MIDI Thru
• New Preference: Colorize folder track controls only

Issues resolved
• An issue that interferes with the "Save" and "Close" behavior has been resolved.
• Toggling between projects with a MIDI track located before an instrument track in the track list now works as expected.
• Rack instruments behave now as expected when working with several projects at the same time.
• Searching for hidden tracks using "Find tracks" now makes hidden instrument tracks visible.
• Unmuting a folder track now unmutes all tracks inside the folder as expected.
• The agent "Hide muted tracks" works now on muted instrument tracks.
• The behavior of side scrolling with a Logitech mousewheel has been corrected.
• "Import track archive" works now as expected.
• The preset name of the Track Control Settings is now visible.
• The navigation of the In-place Editor works now as expected.
• "Punch in" works now as expected in Re-Record mode.
• A problem involving the pre-/postroll time display in Japanese language has been resolved.
• Gluing two MIDI parts no longer leads to unwanted transposition of certain notes.
• Resizing parts in locked tracks is no longer possible.
• A visual problem with frozen tracks has been resolved.
• "Select Tracks with Same Version ID" no longer shows automation lanes of instrument tracks.
• Locked tempo/signature tracks remain locked after re-opening a project.
• The ¢ symbol of the time signature palette of the Score Editor creates now a 2/2 time signature.

• Automatic hitpoint detection now works reliable.
• Audiowarping in the Sample Editor now works as expected.
• A problem with the visibility of the grid in Audiowarp has been resolved.
• A rare problem in VariAudio that rendered the application unreliable has been resolved.
• When ASIO-Guard is enabled dropouts no longer occur.
• The "Replace by" offline processing function works now as expected.
• Exporting a stereo mixdown to a new project now inserts a stereo audio file on a stereo track.
• Closing the window after exporting MP3, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis no longer renders the application unreliable.
• Exporting a 5.1 surround audio mixdown with the option "Wave split file" no longer renders the application unreliable.
• A visibility problem of the "Resolve Missing Files" window has been corrected.

Instrument tracks
• The agent "Hide muted tracks" now works on muted instrument tracks.
• The name of the main output of an instrument is now shown correctly on audio returns.
• Unmuting folder tracks involving instrument tracks work now as expected.
• Muting instrument tracks and MIDI sub-tracks now works as expected.
• The "Mute" key command now works for instrument tracks in the Project window as expected.
• The preference "Select Track on Background Click" now works properly for audio return tracks.
• Copy-pasting MIDI data now works for instrument tracks on the Project page.
• Selecting all inputs in the VST Instrument Rack now selects the correct instrument track.

• Print out now works as expected in Cubase Artist.
• Activating the function "Animate Note Cursor" now works as expected.
• Key commands for all symbol palettes are now available.
• A problem with redundant and missing key commands has been resolved.
• Zooming behavior of the zoom tool now works as expected.
• Filter checkboxes now update as expected when key commands are used.
• The box symbol in the replace mode is printed as expected.
• Chord Assistant: The state of the cadence mode is now recalled correctly.
• Clicking on the EQ bypass button while holding the Option/Alt keys now works as expected.
• Load/save EQ presets are available again in the Channel Settings window.
• The solo defeat function of instrument tracks now works as expected.
• A problem with the visibility syncing between MixConsole and Project window regarding instrument audio returns has been corrected.
• The function "Deactivate all mute states" now works as expected after selecting "Mute input" on virtual instruments.
• It is now possible to switch the visibility of collapsed folders that contain other folders inside the MixConsole.
• A rare graphical glitch on the horizontal scroll bar of the MixConsole has been corrected.
• Inputs and outputs can now be assigned using QuickLink on MIDI channels.
• A problem involving the visibility of the horizontal scroll bar in the MixConsole has been resolved.
• The preference "Select channels/track on solo" now works as expected when enabling the solo input of VST instruments.
• The solo button now works on external instruments as expected.

• The function "Activate/deactivate write (read) for all tracks" now affects the Quick Controls, too.
• Read mode is now enabled when pressing the write button.
• The command "Show used automation on a selected track" no longer opens the automation of the selected track’s group channel.
• "Delete automation of selected tracks" and "Delete all automation in project" are now available for audio returns of instrument tracks.

• The loading time of projects using HALion 5 has been improved.
• The Phaser plug-in works now as expected.
• An issue in VST Connect SE that may render the application unreliable under OS X 10.9 has been resolved.
• Saving the project under OS X while VST Connect SE is connected to VST Connect Performer now works properly.
* Please note that this list applies to Cubase 7.5 and not every entry may apply to Cubase Artist 7.5.


A detailed version history and the 7.5.20 Updaters are available here:

Cubase 7.5 downloads
Cubase Artist 7.5 downloads

Thanks for choosing Cubase!

Helge Vogt - Team Leader Product Marketing Group
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
Hamburg, Germany
by Helge Vogt
Thu Mar 13, 2014 8:24 am
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Re: No biggie. But 'elicenser control message' curiosity.

Hello curteye,

I replied to a similar case (but on Win) here: viewtopic.php?f=181&t=58997#p356164

It usually happens when replacing hardware components or imaging the computer using a back-up (aka TimeMachine on the Mac).

by Fabio Bartolini
Fri May 16, 2014 1:18 pm
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Re: Where do you guys stand on Sample Rate (Khz)

Yes, I have used them (MR1 as well), though it must have been 6 or 7 years ago when they came out.

1 bit DACs are not quality, they are cheap to make, which is why they were used in walkmans and cheap CD players. What ever sampling frequency or bit level you record at with them, they will not achieve a better dynamic range than a 16-bit CD and probably no better distortion than a good quality tape recorder. 1-bit DACS have high distortion in the upper frequency range.

Though Korg cleverly used the 1-bit DAC technology concept to market the product range. They will record at 24-bit/192KHz, but never achieve any better quality than 96dB dynamic range (that's 16-bit level).

My advice to any newbies here or anyone interested in sample rates:

Don't listen to guys like Andyjh who act like they have all the answers. Just do the tests yourself and judge based on what YOU hear. Trust your own judgement. Take the time to experiment and actually test the difference. That is how you grow as an audio engineer - and not by blindly following the opinions of others. I will tell you right now though, that I believe you can make a pro product with or without higher sample rates - even though I very slightly prefer higher rates... VERY slightly. Test it and find out for yourself what YOU think.
by toader
Sun Jun 08, 2014 11:46 pm
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Re: How to align a midi project to an existing audio file?

Hi Gonga

I do this quite often. Insert the audio file into a blank project. make sure the track is in "Linear "mode not musical mode. Start the track and tap along to it to create a midi timing track. When you have finished this you can go back and edit any taps that might have been out of time. Highlight this track,then us the MID>Functions> merge tempo from tapping function, it'll ask a couple of questions here which you'll figure out I'm sure. Once this is done you have to Turn On The Tempo Track! this fooled me for a while as I didn't spot it when I first attempted it, then everything should be aligned. Hope this helps.

Best Regards

by DaveAbbott
Thu Aug 07, 2014 8:18 pm
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Re: How does GA4 compare to Sup Drums?

Your question is a little hard to answer as they are not really 1:1 competitors. I have Superior, Ezdrummer2, Drumcore3, Addictive Drums2 and Native Instruments Studio drummer. These are in principle the same kind of vst instrument. GA4 however is a little bit different.

If you are looking for a "copy" of superior with a "better" sound, look elsewhere. If you are looking for a vst instrument that has a similar interface to superior, look elsewhere.

If you have missed some functions in superior that would make you use it in live sessions, have a look at GA4. If you want to manipulate audio files (no matter what kind) and build rhythms out of it, look to GA4. If you want to get a full drum track with intro, verse, chorus, bridge and endings up in a speed, look to GA4 (however EzDrummer 2 does this even better with the new interface).

If you rather have Steinberg do the composition work for you and don't really want to spend much time laying down a decent drum track, go to GA4.

If you do not like reading what loops contain in respect of bpm, powerhand, and style and rather like using cryptic names like; "Lets go to the pub", "I wet my pants" or "It is xmas time", look to GA4.

BTW it is not true that 3. party grooves can't be used in GA4. I have a huge library from Groove Monkee, Odd Grooves and Platinum Samples. They all work in GA4. It is not the easiest job to make them work, but fully possible, both to be used on the pads and to have GA4 play bak in Cubase. You can also build patterns from 3. party grooves and save them in GA4. I have posted a 15 page manual on this somewhere else in this forum. Not in the manual but also possible: To do the same thing with audio grooves. I have a lagre library of such from Beta Monkey and they play from the pads in GA4. However if you do not want to use this for a live session (or tweak it), there is no need of placing a groove an a pad. You would just import it into cubase directly.

With superior I think you already have the best vst instrument for drums available. Hopefully there will be an upgrade to implement the new functions of EzDrummer2. If I were to advice you, I would rather go for EzDrummer 2 than GA4. (If you do not want to chance that an upgrade of Superior is close). Or, take the money intended for GA4 and buy yourself some more grooves or a happy meal.

Drumcore4 is also "around the corner"(has been for almost a year). They are starting the beta testing as we speak. Drumcore3 was rather good and I expect a lot from 4. But it will "only" be a supplement to superior, unless they open up for 3. party grooves.

Another interesting drum software is Ministry of Rock from EastWest. The interface is more cumbersome than superior, but the sounds are great!
by Rumdrum
Mon Aug 25, 2014 1:55 am
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Re: SSD headroom

This is something which requires deeper knowledge about how SSDs really (!) work and about the difference between "reading" and "writing".

Let me explain:

1. This is not "head room", this is about leaving space free to allow for fast writes
2. This was far more important back in the day when SSDs didn't have TRIM capability (and no garbage collection either)
3. Be aware, though, that TRIM may not work when you use the SSDs in a RAID configuration
4. Since your sample drives will most probably be 99% reads, there is no need to leave that insane amount of space free


Bottomline: it's outdated "knowledge". People still have lots of misconceptions about SSDs (similar to the misconceptions about SMT / Hyperthreading), because the early models HAD problems.

Today things are different.
by TheNavigator
Fri Aug 29, 2014 6:05 am
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Re: CPU Usage

It's based on overall "ASIO performance" which is based on Cubase's ability to "schedule audio packets" across available CPU cores.

Enabling ASIO Guard helps in most cases. ASIO Guard is similar (speculation) to Logic's "hybrid" audio engine. Basically, some sort of pre-rendering happens to tracks that aren't "live / real-time."

Increasing the audio interface's buffer is the main way to improve this. Latency is the tradeoff.

The job a "audio buffer (packet) scheduling" is a complex one that all DAWs do slightly differently. It's a tradeoff of raw latency vs. ability to splits up the job across more cores.

Factors in the signal chain such as "serial" vs "parallel" chains, factor in. Live effects on the stereo bus are usually examples of the "serial chain" and tend to be the hardest to split up across cores, for most DAWs. Reaper being the exception.

Individual VSTi channels, that feed into the stereo bus, are often examples of "parallel" chains for some DAW (notably, Sonar). They can often be split across cores more easily (again, Sonar works this way).

The Reaper DAW is an example of a DAW that does the most aggressive "slicing up" of the scheduled audio packets across all cores, and is why it will utilize the most of a CPU of all the DAWs (and therefore most closely matches the Task Manager meters).

Cubase, especially with the new ASIO Guard, probably comes in second place.

As ASIO Guard improves, the VST performance meter will start to more closely match the Windows Task Manager meter.
by Jalcide
Wed Aug 27, 2014 1:33 am
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Re: How to shift level of track that has volume automation?

"Lasso" all the automation points and change the value in the info line. They should all move by the same amount.
by Scab Pickens
Mon Sep 08, 2014 3:01 am
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Project Sandbox area

While working on a project I often need a sandbox / scratchpad area where I can try out small new ideas without ruining the main composition. This could essentially be a sub project window in which tracks can be created just like in the main window. This area needs to have the same main parameters i.e. key, tempo, samplerate etc. directly taken from the main project and the main project would not need to be closed to work in it.

The sandbox would be saved with the main project. Sandbox is inactive if the main project is in focus, thus not claiming any CPU. Drag and drop between the main Project window and the Sandbox would need to be supported.

I.m.o. this kind of feature would allow for more room for experimenting while keeping a tidy main timeline in the course of a complex project.
by marcovandew
Tue Sep 09, 2014 7:31 pm
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Re: Please Stop Erasing My Music

They should be if you have Auto Save turned on. They do here.
by SteveInChicago
Tue Sep 16, 2014 6:07 am
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I feel really bad because, I'm always thanking people for their help on this forum. But in return I'm of little to no help :(. Which whenever I make a new topic asking for help, I feel bad because I have no thanks, it's almost like bad karma in my opinion.

This isn't true in life for me because it's always the opposite, I'm always helping people all the time, without asking for anything in return and I never want anything in return. Afterall, you reap what you sew.

I don't really know everything about Cubase, because I've self taught myself everything I know without reading anything in the manual (I've read one small topic about Input Transformers, that's it) and you know what? I still don't understand Input Transformers because of reading the manual. I know how they work, just never worked out for me for what I was trying to do :) All I really use Cubase for is sequencing and arranging anyways, but still, wish I could help people out on here more, it really sucks seeing someone elses post and seeing them all frustrated, because I know exactly what that's like when they can't get help. It's really great to solve someone elses problems in Cubase so that they can continue expressing themselves as musicians and/or producers.

So in the future if you see my posts, I'm sorry I have no "Been Thanked", forgive me, I have tried :) it's the thought that counts.
by Hypergenesis
Sat Sep 27, 2014 10:10 pm
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Re: Closed-back reference headphone recommends?

Hi, tilbergman!

I do mostly on location classical music recording, and after spending many years listening to various "cans" I finally settled on Etymotic ER-4P "earphones" for several reasons:
1. They're virtually flat response when comparing the electrical signal with the live audition (one ear with ER-4P using a reference calibration DPA 4007 microphone flat through my mixer, and one ear without to listen to the live sound). They provide a very exact representation to your ears of what you are recording. [The ER-4P's were designed by an audiologist, Dr. Mead Killion, who's been developing hearing solutions for several decades.]
2. They're incredible isolation from surrounding noise and other distractions.
3. They're small in size making them easy to schlepp!

They aren't ideal for everyone, as you feel you're inserting them into your brain when you put them into your ear canals; and they cannot be removed in haste to chat with someone as they seal snugly in your ears. Although they do reproduce bass nicely, they don't permit you to "feel the bass" because they're not physically capable of doing so, anymore than conventional headphones! Another issue is the somewhat stiff wires to the ear transducers that tend to conduct physical noise when moving around. I've licked that problem by wrapping the wires over my ear pinnas (ear lobes), and then clipping the cable to the front of my shirt. Finally, they're not inexpensive at an MSRP of ~$299 USD, but you may be able to find a used set on eBay for less, assuming they haven't been abused, as the ear tips are easily replaced for sanitary reasons!

That said, there is a convenience factor to be able to remove conventional headphones quickly. But their design always results in compromises, and the closed back design presents considerable issues with a limited volume and resonant chamber behind the diaphragm, and reflections back through the diaphragm to your ear. Amongst some of the better brands are Beyer, Sennheiser, Grado, and Koss.

Your best bet if you really prefer headphones, is to find a reference CD you listen to a lot, and are familiar with how it sounds, and then visit a local audio/music store to give a listen to various headphones using your "reference" CD. The drawback with this audition technique is that you are at the mercy of the mastering engineers, and what you're used to listening to for music. The more live music you listen to, the better off you'll be at knowing what sounds "right" and what doesn't based on live listening to the "real thing".

Hope this helps you out. And don't be afraid to return to the forum with questions. There's likely somebody who's had a similar issue as you and can help you resolve it.
by Southae
Thu Jul 18, 2013 1:47 am
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Re: end of hdd?

Perhaps I have this wrong but I heard on a podcast that
Intel's ThunderBolt' connection is just another version of PCIe.
Is this true?
Thunderbolt is the repackaging of the several lanes of PCIe with DisplayPort into a common miniDisplayPort-like (mDP) cable, which is why the PCIe cages can work (no protocol translation). Intel cites it as Dual-protocol .

So, while it is another version of PCIe, it is so significantly different that it needs to be considered in relation to what supports it for itself.
by Patanjali
Wed Oct 01, 2014 9:27 am
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Re: To sell Seinbert licence

There is a Resale Wizard tool. Check your " My Steinberg" or the Knowledge Base.
by jaslan
Fri Oct 03, 2014 9:33 pm
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Re: Cord track to sheet music

Hum wrote:I have a cord track and want to have these cords visible in my sheet music.
How can I do this?

Scores/Advanced Layout/Show Chord Track
by raino
Fri Oct 03, 2014 9:13 pm
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Re: Yosemite Support...any time frame?

I have Yosemite running for more than two weeks now, and Wavelab 8.5 running also. Also Cubase 7.5.3, and till now no hickups, no errors, no problems. Already done a project only in Yosemite (in Cubase - 62 tracks, 14 busses, inserts, a lot of channel strips) and not one single problem. Exported that project, open in Wavelab 8.5, did a mastering session, export to several kind of compressed files (used the new batch enconder for that, including creating a Watch folder), and also nothing failed.
As i said in another post, my iMac is not a "new kid on the block", but an early 2008 version 24", Dual core, with 4 Gb of RAM. Never did a fresh install, only updates/updgrades from Tiger to now in Yosemite. Besides that i have Waves V9 running (with the new r22) and all's well.
One thing i really love in Wavelab 8.5 is the measuring of loudness, i think that was made by the A2C guys...

(By the way i's just a user not a SB guy or even remotely close... just in case anyone thinks why i speak so good for SB stuff...and they don't pay me as well :) )
by agilkds
Wed Oct 29, 2014 9:00 pm
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CUBASE 7.5 in Windows 10 (Windows Technical Preview) Nov2014

FYSA: I'm currently running Windows 10 with CUBASE 7.5 : Seem to work fine, more to follow.

The Update went well. kind of smooth actually.
eLicencer fussed a bit about finding the "file on hard drive is unrecoverable" or something like that.
I Downloaded and re-install the last version of eLicencer: all good now.

HALion 5, Groove Agent 4, work fine. the UR22 is still there and running as default Sound Card.
The BAMBOO tablet 3 finger instant slide/rotate are now back (not available on Win 7)

I'm running CUBASE 7.5 on a Sony Vaio All-In-One, 24" touch screen (Immediate access to knobs and Sliders in VST's and Consoles and PADs. I rarely need to assign/CC until any specific VST's for dial other than permanent CUBASE controls like Volume and Pan.
Fri Oct 31, 2014 10:58 pm
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Cloud Storage

Built-in cloud storage. Microsoft is rolling out unlimited cloud storage with Office 360 subscriptions ($60 per year or cheaper). Others will follow. Would be nice to save my songs somewhere in case my house burns down.
by CubeDAW
Tue Nov 04, 2014 4:50 pm
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Re: Yosemite Clearance

Hi Folks

Call me a devil, but I have updated to Yosemite (10.10.1) and for me Cubase 7.5 runs just fine on a late 2013 iMac 2.7 with 8 GB RAM. This system has Halion 5, Groove Agent 4 and EZ Drummer2 installed as well as Alchemy from Camel Audio.
I am not suggesting anyone does this of course until Sternberg give the nod, just forwarding my experience.
As with all these things it will I am sure depend on hardware, software combinations to be stable and in fairness I only purchased the iMac a couple of months ago so essentially Cubase is the only major application running here on what is a pretty clean system.

by DaveP
Tue Nov 25, 2014 12:36 pm
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Re: Guitar sound on U2 album.

You should watch the edges guitar effects video:

I saw it on TV and he gives up all his secrets. He doesn't use VST only pedals.
by AP
Thu Oct 16, 2014 1:04 am
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Re: Is it possible to edit/alphabetize the mp3 genre field?

Hi guys,

just to chime in. That list doesn't come from us, but it is a standard list shared by almost evey music program. Each genre occupies 1 byte (out of the 128 bytes from the ID3-Tag) which corresponds to an "ID-number" that defines in which order those genres are shown, i.e. in Cubase.

This also facilitates the compatibility with different programs, i.e. you want the same genre being shown in iTunes and in Winamp.

You can check that list here:

Hope this helps!
by Luis Dongo
Mon Dec 01, 2014 11:02 am
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Re: Is there anything new in Score Editor ?

We're still working hard on our new application, but we won't be able to announce anything about a release date until we're really close to finishing the first version. I expect to post a further update on our progress on the blog (at before the end of the month, so please stay tuned for news there.

I hope everybody enjoys Cubase 8. I know the team in Hamburg have poured their hearts and souls into it.

by Daniel at Steinberg
Wed Dec 03, 2014 3:22 pm
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Re: How do I erase a pop/crack in my audio track

This does not always work, but it does work often enough that I thought it worth mentioning.

If you have several pops you would like to get rid of and don't want to spend the time drawing all of them out, you might try grabbing just that tiny part of the audio event - ie, you are just grabbing the click/pop, and then do a c&p to another track. Flip the phase on that new track, and the clicks should null themselves out of a track.

Or, if you can recreate that click/pop, that might be easier.

by Jeff Hayat
Tue Dec 16, 2014 12:40 am
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sycophant wrote:What you are doing may be construed as being a breach of the forum rules, so here is just a friendly warning.
Kindly leave that to the mods, okay?
by SteveInChicago
Fri Jan 09, 2015 2:21 am
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Re: Cubase 8 Pro was not ready for public release

Against my usual better judgement, I installed and almost immediately integrated C8 into several fairly large film projects that were already underway. (Naturally keeping a working 6.5 install online as backup - I own 7 but never liked it).

In a nutshell, I'm having a great time. A few niggles, but for dropping right into the trenches, C8 is working like a star!
by nSpaas
Sun Jan 11, 2015 12:35 am
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Re: Copy paste,paste,paste

HughH wrote:Or .

You can drag and copy by using Alt and positioning the cursor over the lower right of the last part until you see a pencil - then click and drag for as many copies as you need.

Sometimes I'm not sure how many copies I need and this works well for me.


Wow I did not know that! :o
by silhouette
Tue Jan 13, 2015 12:32 am
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Re: Mixing on Headphones - anyone with experience

I think it's possible to do basic mixing on headphones.

But I think it's necessary to do the detailed mixing on good speakers, for the simple reason that both your ears (assuming you have two) hear both speakers. That, combined with the room that's reflecting the sound in all sorts of odd ways, means you should finish it on good near field speakers. If in doubt, the speakers are right, and the headphones are wrong. It's possible that your two ears are not equal in their perception, which is another reason not to do it on headphones.

I also think you should check your mix on car speakers, computer speakers, earbuds, other headphones, and any other speakers you have. In each case, play your reference mixes on the same set of speakers to compare.
by Early21
Wed Mar 11, 2015 12:00 am
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VST Bass Amps

Which amps do you think they are modeling? I assume the valve amp is an SVT and the tweed is a Bassman? How about the Greyhound, Paradise, and Green? Thanks.

Btw I've tried all the bass amp plugins and this is the best by far imo! Worth the update price alone!
by Mike3345
Thu Mar 12, 2015 8:15 pm
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Render in place - be careful with the naming

I had a problem where Render in Place would only leave a small snippet with no audio. It turned out I had used signs and symbols in the name that Cubase didn't accept, but it never gave me a warning. There you go ;)
by Whirly
Sun Mar 22, 2015 2:19 pm
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