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Can someone please clarify OUTPUTS vs CONTROL ROOM?

Hey guys, it took me awhile to wrap my head around the new Control Room in Cubase... I was used to just using Inputs and Outputs tab before. Looks like some confusion lingers...

Currently, my Control Room setup allows me to send 2 independent headphone mixes by assigning 2 cue mixes in the Control Toom STUDIO tab, and sending them out to my Saffire Line 3/4 (headphones 1) and Line 5/6 (headphones 2). Pretty cool so far cause it works.

Where I'm seriously confused is why I can't get any levels in the Main Mix part of the Control Room when I assign my "Monitors" (STUDIO tab) to Saffire Mon1/2.

I thought it was recommended to delete the busses in the OUTPUTS tab and just use the STUDIO tab. But in my case, unless I enable and connect the Saffire Mon1/2 in the OUTPUTS tab, I don't get ANY signal happening in the Main Mix portion of the Control Room. Headphones yes but Main Mix no.

I also notice the Main Out Stereo channel only appears in MixConsole if I have something enabled in the OUTPUTS tab. Oh I'm so confused...

I thought we were supposed to assign everything to the Control Room...

Can someone please clarify?
by metrosuperstar
Mon May 05, 2014 8:43 pm
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