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7.5.20 Impressions... 269 theRoyal1 Rating:100%  
If you like the 7.5 update...+1 this and reply 260 JayAudion Rating:96.65%  
Tips Tricks And Workflow Goodness. 247 Paul Coyle Rating:91.82%  
122 Guest Rating:45.35%  
So 7.5 is here (almost) 106 johnstaf Rating:39.41%  
Iro: Track Color Pack for Cubase 69 seyoum Rating:25.65%  
Nuendo 6.5? 68 riwe Rating:25.28%  
Cubase / Cubase Artist 7.5.20 maintenance update available 66 Helge Vogt Rating:24.54%  
7.0.7 late update 56 sgodzillat Rating:20.82%  
Systemstabilität: MAC oder PC? 54 flash8x Rating:20.07%  
Cubase 7.5 - Veröffentlichung 04.12.2013 53 whitealbum Rating:19.7%  
Groove Agent 4 announcement 45 Matthias Quellmann Rating:16.73%  
Suitable Drum VSTi Player (help?) 45 monsterjazzlicks Rating:16.73%  
eLicenser server is down 43 Gr8h8m Rating:15.99%  
Vorschläge für 7.5.30 oder später 39 Daniel Scholz Rating:14.5%  
c7.5 is absolutely ROCK SOLID 38 G-string Rating:14.13%  
Steinberg / Arturia V-Collection 38 monsterjazzlicks Rating:14.13%  
Hidden Cubase 8 features! 35 bigboi Rating:13.01%  
Tune Up Utilities 34 monsterjazzlicks Rating:12.64%  
Is anybody here from the good old days? (yrs2000-2005) 34 ControllerC Rating:12.64%  
Where do you click to focus the MixConsole? 32 mpayne0 Rating:11.9%  
Dongle Durability 30 monsterjazzlicks Rating:11.15%  
[Features] Important new feature suggestions on CMC-Series! 28 Freddie H Rating:10.41%  
Cubase Artist 6/7 Comparison (help?) 28 monsterjazzlicks Rating:10.41%  
What is going on with Cubase 7? 28 MrSmith Rating:10.41%  
2014 - and Cubase 7.5 still does not recognize a USB-device 28 Finsonic Rating:10.41%  
"POLL" Pay for 7.5 on the way for christmas 27 G-string Rating:10.04%  
The Steinberg Forum Knowledgebase for Users by Users 27 Bane Rating:10.04%  
Want "Always On Top" for plugins!!! Worn-out. 27 soundstudio Rating:10.04%  
Cubase / Cubase Artist 7.5.10 maint. update in the works 26 Helge Vogt Rating:9.67%  
Mac-osx to win7-64 bit migration 26 Mirco Zappaterra Rating:9.67%  
Please update the Audio-engine to x64bit double precision! 26 Freddie H Rating:9.67%  
7.5 Bug: VST performance peak? 25 charlesvk Rating:9.29%  
CUbase 7.5…when? 25 Telogic Rating:9.29%  
Bitwig - competition is great 24 More Cowbell Rating:8.92%  
Recording Midi (Volume?) 24 monsterjazzlicks Rating:8.92%  
RME Multiface II VS RME Fireface UCX 24 Loop Breaker Rating:8.92%  
Minimize Bug? Or Designed by Mephistopheles? 24 MickGael Rating:8.92%  
[Poll] Fix the insert handling in the new mixer console? 23 msy Rating:8.55%  
this'll change everything 14 nov 22 marcus82 Rating:8.18%  
"Please switch to an Aero theme" on Win 7 (discussion) 22 Ed Doll Rating:8.18%  
Cubasis 1.8 - Roadmap 22 crohde Rating:8.18%  
Cubase 7.5 / 8 - 'Unlimited' Inserts 20 Majic Rating:7.43%  
KeyCommand Utility - Now Testing Mac Support 20 JMCecil Rating:7.43%  
THANK YOU STEINBERG!! Cubase 7 and Cubase 7.5 are amazing!!! 20 Freddie H Rating:7.43%  
Guys... 19 Hypergenesis Rating:7.06%  
Aero is not the problem - it's the non-standard menu bar 19 Gadget Fiend Rating:7.06%  
Cubase 7.5 Update wann? 19 Karim Rating:7.06%  
[R-11073]Daylight saving changed = Cubase plugin rescan [aga 18 Blackout Rating:6.69%  
30th Anniversary, anything for loyal customers? 18 tex Rating:6.69%  
[Poll] Would you like to see true Bounce-In-Place in Cubase? 17 billcarroll Rating:6.32%  
Groove Agent 4 is a DOWNgrade 17 Laurence Payne Rating:6.32%  
7.5 at last. 17 johnstaf Rating:6.32%  
Cubase 8 - what is your impression ? 16 mbr Rating:5.95%  
Groove Agent 3 (32/64bit) ? 16 monsterjazzlicks Rating:5.95%  
C7.5 - Combining Lanes and Track Versions when comping! 16 greggybud Rating:5.95%  
A Bit Of Help Needed Please (thanks !) 16 monsterjazzlicks Rating:5.95%  
Appealing to Steinberg to keep the CMC current viable? 16 electrow Rating:5.95%  
(UPDATED): Cubase / Cubase Artist 7.0.7 maint. update coming 16 Helge Vogt Rating:5.95%  
Mini The Moog 16 monsterjazzlicks Rating:5.95%  
Cubase 7.5 and HALion Sonic SE Content Downloads - SOLUTION 15 Luis Dongo Rating:5.58%  
Cubase 8 wishes 15 trashdinner Rating:5.58%  
UNDO for the mixer. Absolutely necessary! 15 Headlands Rating:5.58%  
Is it time to wash the Cubase 7.5 tshirt ? 15 d-_-b Rating:5.58%  
Mixing Headphones (Help ?) 15 monsterjazzlicks Rating:5.58%  
Blue Yeti Pro Mic (MUTE?) 15 monsterjazzlicks Rating:5.58%  
MCU Functions Expanded in 7.5 15 HughH Rating:5.58%  
Latin Grammy 14 nefferson Rating:5.2%  
Free HALion 5 Programs 14 Elektrobolt Rating:5.2%  
How do i access the vst instruments from the new mixer? 14 knutvega Rating:5.2%  
re horrible AERO theme 14 richardwhl Rating:5.2%  
If it was your money? 13 jb+ Rating:4.83%  
Cubase Feature Request: Resampling 13 tekniq Rating:4.83%  
Pan Law for the biggest sounding mix 13 Brock Rating:4.83%  
7.5.10 discussion and questions 13 trashdinner Rating:4.83%  
Isn't it possible to route midi out from Groove Agent 4? 13 Hanschr Rating:4.83%  
Export edited video 13 Biss Rating:4.83%  
Please drop the x32bit versions of all your new softwares. 13 Freddie H Rating:4.83%  
C7.5 Multithread processing performance experience? 12 Gusfmm Rating:4.46%  
VCA faders in Nuendo 12 Cochrane Rating:4.46%  
You are not authorised to read this forum. 12 SteveInChicago Rating:4.46%  
Steinberg's dongle alternative coming 12 Studious Rating:4.46%  
Knacksen, Rauschen, Kracksen usw 12 Juna2014 Rating:4.46%  
Cubase 8 Videos 12 theRoyal1 Rating:4.46%  
Cubase iC Pro for Android available now! 12 crohde Rating:4.46%  
[BON-420]Mixdown out of sync when using Elastique algorithm 12 Soul-Burn Rating:4.46%  
Android version - coming soon! 12 crohde Rating:4.46%  
Nuendo 6.5 announced 12 TimoWildenhain Rating:4.46%  
Cubase 7.5.30 Update install problem Error code: 1603 12 CappacinoKid Rating:4.46%  
Bin ich der Einzige der sich mehr von C8 erhofft hat ?? 12 Vocalisto Rating:4.46%  
SoundCloud Question (settings)? 12 monsterjazzlicks Rating:4.46%  
Where do you guys stand on Sample Rate (Khz) 12 UserSince1993 Rating:4.46%  
I need to make quicktimes quickly and easily 12 Swi Rating:4.46%  
Halion Symphonic Orchestra 11 sasha-che Rating:4.09%  
Buying new "everything" after a power spike(?) fried it all 11 dreamyguitar Rating:4.09%  
PC to Mac migration 11 listertuk Rating:4.09%  
Metronome click patterns/Programmable click track 11 SteveInChicago Rating:4.09%  
not disillusioned cubase artist 7.5 user anymore 11 TicoPhil Rating:4.09%  
[Solution] This can help, problems with child windows etc... 11 Freddie H Rating:4.09%  
Komplete VSTi (or similar ??) 11 monsterjazzlicks Rating:4.09%