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Absolute collection +

Postby ayo0ob » Wed Jul 31, 2013 6:12 pm

jamusic wrote:
Scab Pickens wrote:jamusic, I think you might still be a bit confused. Very understandable.

HALion Sonic SE = Light version which is a native part of Cubase

HALion Sonic (full version) = The beefed up version of what is included in Cubase. You will have a trial version (30 days, I believe) of this included with Cubase 7. My earlier post regarding the discount was referring to this. This is a separate license from Cubase.

HALion 4 = The big daddy of them all

Yes - aware that the licenses are separate.

So then do I have the option of an upgrade path to either Hal Sonic Full version or Hal 4?

Are they indeed different, as Helge seemed to indicate? Or is step 1 Sonic SE [already included], step 2 Sonic Full, step 3 Hal 4?
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Re: Absolute collection +

Postby curteye » Sun Aug 04, 2013 2:47 am

ayo0ob wrote:Hal 4?

There is no more H4 (H5 has been released) but as a Halion Sonic 1 owner,
I can get the new Halion Sonic 2 for $99.00 USD as an up-grade.

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