Drum Sample Randomizer

Drum Sample Randomizer

Postby to_the_sun » Tue Jul 30, 2013 2:00 am

Can anyone confirm a response to a question someone gave me over on another site's forum?

"Not sure if Yamaha loopmash can do things like that."

in response to my post:

"A favorite VSTi of mine is Oatmeal, because it has a 'random' button which you can click to get a completely unique sound to work with. I record with my keyboard and it all the time. I even play my drums through it sometimes and it got me wondering, has anyone heard of a sample randomizer? Something where you click a button and get a completely random kit of samples (taken maybe from the files in some specified folder)? Or swap out samples individually, drum by drum? Is this something that is even feasible with a VST? How about some other method?"
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