A few bugs..

A few bugs..

Postby OneTouchEdit » Thu May 05, 2011 2:43 pm


First of all: Thanks for the app, it's a great thing!

Having said that:
We've had all kinds of trouble since we installed it.
We don't really want to have our studio computer connected to the internet all the time. However, when SKI remote and bonjour are installed, cubase starts acting really weird when not connected to the internet. Everything from blue screens to just being non responsive or extremely slow.

At first we planned to just shut off the internet connection of our local wifi when we wanted to use the remote, making sure that the studio computer never got connected to the internet. That would render all the windows firewalls, security essentials, anti virus software, anti spyware software and so on unnecessary.

These two things make a catch 22.. We need to have the computer connected to the internet in order for Cubase to work. Therefore we need the firewall.. The firewall blocks the iC..

Well. At last, we now seem to have made it work by allowing stuff through the firewall.
However, the iC's graphics don't work as one would wish. The counter doesn't follow the song during playback, and nothing else changes either (the play button doesn't turn into a stop button, the rec button doesn't turn red during record and so on..) It seems as if Cubase recieves the signals from the iC, but the iC doesn't get the information back.. Any help to fix this would be greatly appreciated. It is really an obstacle when trying to record from another room where you can't see the computer screen.

Our specs:
Windows 7 - 64-bit.
Cubase 5.5.2 - 32-bit.
The lates iOS and iC versions.
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Re: A few bugs..

Postby danielcampos8 » Fri May 13, 2011 4:52 am

if you're looking for help from cubase
not receive it, do not get your hopes up,
need to look elsewhere for help, as Steinberg Cubase or will receive,
If it helps, you 'll let you go to my account and there you have an email which will give you support, which is a lie, I hise yo 4 times and never responded,
I asked them to help by twitter and facebook and I do not respodieron,
after you gave me hope with a solution, but unfortunately did not work, complete software changes, if I have cubase, but I do not use as much as before, I recommend the FL studio 9 and reason,
and barriers are excellent!,
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Re: A few bugs..

Postby CubeDAW » Wed Dec 24, 2014 11:42 pm

I was going to buy it but a friend who is a professional audio engineer said he has tried it under several networks and it never worked well. I guess this product should not have been released. Is anyone happy with this product?
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