7.0.6 Can't remember mixer settings ?

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Re: 7.0.6 Can't remember mixer settings ?

Postby Muziksculp » Mon Sep 23, 2013 9:47 pm


I Un-Installed 7.0.6, Installed 7.0 via the Core Installer, updated to 7.0.6, and Restored my Preferences. All working fine now :D

Hope that Steinberg will be more careful in making sure the their INSTALLER works well (as it usually does) for any future updates.

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Re: 7.0.6 Can't remember mixer settings ?

Postby Patanjali » Mon Sep 23, 2013 9:49 pm

With 7.0.6, I had to set up the mixers again.

But also, I previously had to have the mixconsoles included in a macro, so that I could invoke a workspace and show the mixconsoles. With 7.0.6, the macro no longer toggled the mixconsoles, so I had to remove them from it.

Fortunately, after I setup the mixconsoles again, they show up full-screen when I open the project.

Now I just wish the project preferences could include a user-nominated default workspace, so that all the other windows don't open piled in the middle of the main display.

OR rather SB just made it so one could have as many windows as one wanted with whatever docked Cubase or VST(I) GUI modules one wanted to drag-and-drop in them. I have suggested this already. Has to be better than having separate configuration points for different parts of the mixwindows.

Having to re-setup the mixwindows every time SB iteratively evolves towards a unified window management scheme will be a right PITA.
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