Poll: Is Cubasis your first DAW?

Is Cubasis your first DAW or are you already an experienced DAW user?

Yes, Cubasis is my first DAW.
No, I use Cubase, Sequel or Nuendo.
No, I use another DAW.
Total votes : 105

Re: Poll: Is Cubasis your first DAW?

Postby ChrisE1G » Fri Sep 13, 2013 8:31 pm

Jumped ship from Cakewalk (when it was still called that) to Cubase many years ago. Been doodling with music on and of, making music for a couple of years then nada for a couple of years then back into it again. Dunno why really. Circumstances around you in life I guess. Anyway, still got a non up to date Cubase DAW, and iOS got me back into messing around with music again with Auria and all the cheap synths. Now I've finally bought Cubasis (as a long time Cubase user I would have gotten it day 1 if I didn't already have a an iOS DAW). Looking forward to see Cubasis grow, still a bit wobbly on its legs but nothing future updates will sort out eh? :)


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Re: Poll: Is Cubasis your first DAW?

Postby Armadillosound » Sun Sep 15, 2013 11:52 am

I started with FL Studio.Then dabbled with Studio One and now using Cubase 7 and Cubasis.
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