Equivalent of "Lanes" in Elements 6?

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Equivalent of "Lanes" in Elements 6?

Postby alexis » Mon Sep 30, 2013 12:34 am

Hi - Looking in the manual for Elements 6, I'm not finding that Elements does the audio cycle recording creating lanes in a single track like the full Cubase 6 does. Can it do that (am I missing it in there somewhere :oops: ), if not, is it possible some other way to sing a part over and over while it is looped in the DAW?


[Edit: I found a detailed comparison chart at Steinberg.net, I see Elements doesn't have "advanced comping features", so I'm guessing it doesn't have lanes within a track either. I guess that means for different takes, they have to be done on different tracks (having to stop recording and manually arming a new track), then when brought back to Cubase bring them all into a single track as lanes?]

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