A Plea to Steinberg...Let us have a printed Manual

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Re: A Plea to Steinberg...Let us have a printed Manual

Postby mrtomcat » Mon Jul 22, 2013 5:55 pm

Hopetown, I believe you are on the wrong Forum, this is the Nuendo 6 one...:)

If you want to get an straightforward overview on how Wavelab 8 works I suggest you sign up for the groove3.com
http://www.groove3.com/str/ and go through the 2 WL 8 classes.
They are very informative.

As to why so many mastering engineers are not using WL, because a majority is on the MAC and WL just recently became available on the MAC, WL is incredibly powerful and once you grab the concepts you're most likely going to love it
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Re: A Plea to Steinberg...Let us have a printed Manual

Postby Hopetown » Mon Jul 22, 2013 8:13 pm

I'm already enjoying it - but the point was about the lack of a manual - I'm a Nuendo user too so I'm on the right forum. Wavelab was just my most recent example. My point was that I needed a fellow user to explain it to me before I could get comfortable. Your proposed solution is equally silly from the standpoint of a customer - although it's practical and I appreciate it. A user well-versed in audio software, particularly by the SAME manufacturer - shouldn't have to reach out to 3rd party resources just to get a basic grasp of the workflow. That's what a manual is for. In this particular case Wavelab unusually strays from the norm.

Your assertion that most ME's are on Mac is incorrect, BTW. A large number are using Sequoia, Pyramix and Sadie - all PC.
The only dominance the Mac had for mastering was with Sonic Solutions, which I used to own too. Those numbers have dwindled considerably over the years as Sonic got smaller and the software ever less reliable and features got reduced instead of added. Most flocked to Magix.
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