Nuendo 6.0.5 maintenance update available

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Nuendo 6.0.5 maintenance update available

Postby TimoWildenhain » Fri Jun 28, 2013 9:38 am

Dear forum members,

Steinberg just released the Nuendo 6.0.5 update, which provides extensive product maintenance and solves many issues reported by Nuendo users. The update is a free download, went through our full QA cycle and are fully supported.

Improvements in Nuendo 6.0.5

• Channel configuration display (2.0, 5.1 etc.)
• Folder tracks: "Colorize Track Controls" support

• The "momentary-alert" value is now user definable
• Key Commands to select Control Link groups
• Key Commands for Channel and Rack configurations
• EQ/Filter transition option

• Improved track selection
• Generic Remote Editor improvements

Issues resolved in Nuendo 6.0.5

ADR & Loudness
• DIM level fader now is greyed out during ADR mode.
• Audio analysis in Loudness track now shows correct values.

Import/Export & Automation
• Import of AAF files containing embedded MXF files no longer causes empty waveforms.
• Projects containing plug-in automation created in Nuendo 5.x now play correctly in Nuendo 6.

• Switching between project no longer resizes the projects.
• Texts related to Insert slots no longer mask each other when hovering over the slots.
• The preset names of insert effects are now displayed correctly.
• When closing a folder in MixConsole, which contained a selected track, Track 01 is no longer selected
• Tracks in the Zones section can now be scrolled/selected correctly
• The channel width can no longer be smaller than the given minimal size.
• The commands “Deselect/Select all” now works correctly for all channel types and across linked MixConsoles.
• The name of insert effects are no longer cut-off, instead they are shown correctly now.
• The track height setting is now saved correctly with the project file.
• Channel strip module sections can now be expanded even if the respective tracks are frozen.
• Linking properties are now fully considered when freezing tracks.
• When resizing MixConsole, pictures and notes will remain visible.
• Entering channel numbers now works as expected.
• The word-reduction algorithm now displays readable characters at the end of the track name field at all times.
• All functions of the channel strip’s context menu now work correctly.
• The ALT+SHIFT command related to solo defeat now works as expected.
• AUTOMATION: Automation parameters related to the REVerence reverb are now considered in offline bounce

• OS X: Continuous repeating performance spikes do no longer occur.
• PPQ length is no longer affected by the song tempo when applying Logical Editor presets.
• Key commands for Control Link groups work as expected.
• Another issue when closing the application has been resolved (“Waiting for Video service”).
• Using pedal sustain (down) and playing the first note on no longer causes hanging notes.
• The color tool can now be accessed via key commands.
• Routing of multiple tracks now works correctly with SHIFT + command.)
• Resaving of pre-v6 Projects using MPEX3 offline timestretch does no longer lead to corrupted project files.

• NUAGE: In the center section, it is now possible to select multiple events.
• NUAGE: Scrolling a large number of tracks within the mixer works now seamlessly.
• EuCon and WK-Audio remote control surfaces: fade in and fade out now work correctly in Edit Mode.

• The width parameter of the Phaser plug-in now works correctly.
• VST Amp Rack tuner now works more precisely.

The new update can be downloaded here: Nuendo 6.0.5

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Re: Nuendo 6.0.5 maintenance update available

Postby philipgbg » Fri Jun 28, 2013 5:37 pm

The zoom graphic bug is still present in the sample editor. The cursor disappears when scrubbing zoomed in audio.
It is much better in the project window then 6.0.4 though.
I need a confirmation that you guys are aware of the problem and I need to know when you are going to fix it. Scrubbing audio is pretty much all I do. (it feels like anyway)
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Re: Nuendo 6.0.5 maintenance update available

Postby fenderchris » Sat Jun 29, 2013 7:38 am

TimoWildenhain wrote:• Resaving of pre-v7 Projects using MPEX3 offline timestretch does no longer lead to corrupted project files.

v7 of what?

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Re: Nuendo 6.0.5 maintenance update available

Postby Headlands » Sat Jun 29, 2013 10:05 am

Thanks for some of these fixes -- awesome.

Unfortunately I rolled back to 6.04 because I NEED to be able to completely bypass plugins from the mixer (i.e. turn them off), and for some reason this useful and needed feature does not work anymore. Hopefully a fix will come for this very, very soon.
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Re: Nuendo 6.0.5 maintenance update available

Postby Xian » Wed Jul 24, 2013 7:05 am

Updated from 6.0.4 to 6.0.5 and the mouse scroll zoom direction is reversed for me on Mac OS 10.7.5 :(

Can we get an option in the preferences to invert mouse scrolling direction ? Might just roll back to 6.0.4 in the meantime.
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