Will the controllers work around the missing buttons issue?

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Will the controllers work around the missing buttons issue?

Postby Keyplayer » Wed Sep 04, 2013 5:16 pm

For those of you following the "We Want the buttons Back" thread viewtopic.php?f=194&t=45511 I was wondering if those with Euphonix/Avid or WK controllers are having the same difficulties wih N6? Do you have the same LACK of feedback issues because of the new mixer layout or can you simply look at your controllers for the missing information.

As N6 appears to have been sepcifically designed to work with Yamaha's Nuage hardware, only the Euphonix/Avid and/or WK controllers seem to have been at least considered in this update. Mackie/Smart AV/SSL and the rest seem to have been all but discarded in this latest iteration, based on the feedback I'm reading here and on the Geatslutz site. So do you controller owners need the buttons back as well, or have you been purring along happily using the controllers for the missing feedback that's forced the other users back to N5.6? :?:
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Re: Will the controllers work around the missing buttons issue?

Postby Rhino » Wed Sep 04, 2013 6:25 pm

Can't comment on the ones you mentioned, but personally I need a one-stop source of visual information, and that has to be the screens.
Predefined controller templates never made much sense to me, so I "rolled my own" GR protocol for 2 BCR2000s controlling certain key plugin parameters (strictly one single function per encoder/button), QCs and stuff, together with a multi-button mouse (for modifiers and workspaces) and a fully customised set of KCs this setup allows me to keep my eyes focused on the screens, all the above controllers rarely need eye contact.
So no, definitely not, to your question.
C6.5 is a joy to work with, C7 ... let's be polite and put it this way :
As far as all the stuff in the official description goes, I'd have been a happy C7 user from day one, still missing some features, but hey ...
Unfortunately all the fun stuff everybody rightfully complains about now came as undocumented "bonus" through the back door, forcing me to stick with 6.5 for any serious work, worst being the KC focus bug for me.
7.06 announcement sounds like a step in the right direction, granted, we'll see what else will come "bundled" with it and when KC focus, simultaneous visibility and some other biggies will finally be repaired.
I'd love to get a real chance to migrate to C7, everything's set up here ready to go, work is done in 6.5.

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