Crashed and Corrupt projects

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Crashed and Corrupt projects

Postby poeticdevision » Mon Jun 24, 2013 5:54 am

Whenever I edit a track (Ex: compressor, maximizer etc) and save the project, and continue with creating and finishing the project, it crashes randomly. Once that happens, and I re-open the project, not only does the track(s) become corrupt and crash every time I try to copy/delete/edit it, but the WHOLE project itself becomes corrupt even if I try to save/save as... and it crashes. The project then becomes completely unusable other than opening it.

steps i've taken:

1) copied "un-corrupt" tracks to a new project and start over; failed
2) started a whole new project all together and took pictures of the tracks so i know what keys/beats i used and where; failed
3) *same as previous steps* but didn't use a compressor or maximizer, etc; failed

no matter what i do, it will eventually crash, become corrupt file, and become unusable. Its frustrating when you take hours to perfect something, just to become a waste of time because it can't be used.

I've downloaded all updates, i even did the "preference" folder "invalid" option that is at the beginning of the forum page, and i've given up. I've submitted a trouble ticket, and even gave the techs a copy of the corrupt project to see what they can do, but if anyone has any ideas or suggestions i'd greatly appreciated the help. I like sequel and am comfortable with the program, so i'd like to keep using it but not if this is the outcome every time.

sorry for the essay. Thanks to all that respond and help! I appreciate it!
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Re: Crashed and Corrupt projects

Postby jakobjoergensen » Mon Jun 24, 2013 9:55 am

Could be similar to my issue: ... 43&t=43874
Your failure description is better though :)

I've contacted Steinberg support. Sending of Diagnostic reports. Hope they can solve it.
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Re: Crashed and Corrupt projects

Postby MeyersRoche999 » Fri Jun 27, 2014 7:42 pm

Same problem here!!! Frustrating, huh? It renders the software completely useless. For me, the problem seems to really show itself in the 3rd FX box on the Track Inspector Page. I wish someone would actually fix this so I can get back to making music. After all, that's the reason we bought this program!!! Let me know if you hear anything.
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