Sequel Ver 1.01 - Try to Open Sequel Files - No Audio

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Sequel Ver 1.01 - Try to Open Sequel Files - No Audio

Postby Stevie J » Wed Jan 22, 2014 7:57 pm

Good day,

I made a bunch of recordings a while back and they turned out pretty good, basically we (a duo) recorded the songs as one single track (live vocals x 2, rhythm guitar live, lead guitar live along with pre-programmed bass, keyboards and drums) and most songs were done in 1 take, some 2 or 3 (after making slight mix adjustments).

I decided to revisit the original recordings to adjust the audio levels of each track (I realize the mix is set in stone) and to double up the tracks of each song so that I would have a better L + R audio imaging (For some reason the right side is much lower in level than the left side when listening to the audio mp3 files and yet the tracks were all centre panned when recording so the L and R audio levels should be the same?).

So I open up the master project location file and the audio is missing on all the tracks we used as the "Final Song Master Keepers" that I converted to wave or mp3 audio files so that I could burn some CD's. All the other Non-Keeper Tracks have the audio in their tracks and can be played back. I checked the Project Location Path and can see that there is in fact a Sequel Project Folder that contains the " Steve & Bills Recordings Project File", the "Steinberg Project File", the "Image Peak File" and the "Audio Wave File" of each of the 6 Song Final Master Tracks we ended using to burn some Cd's. But when I open the Steve & Bills Master Project Location File, a warning message comes up and says "some audio files in this project cannot be located, Please check library path". Is it normal to lose the original master tracks when you convert them to a wave file? Perhaps the missing audio files can still be found or are they lost forever?

Hopefully I have not lost the Master Track audio files and can still recover them, any help regarding this matter would be much appreciated,,

Thank you,

Steve J
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