Tracks too hot-Turn down faders or events?

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Tracks too hot-Turn down faders or events?

Postby phly23 » Thu May 22, 2014 6:22 am

Hi Ive got a session of about 18 tracks where individual tracks are all close to zero db- Hot!!!

To Mix for proper gain structure and to have some headroom should I:

1. turn down the actual events and keep the faders at zero-
2. Turn down the individual faders
3. Use groups to adjust stems or individual tracks.

If I turn down the actual events then i will obviously have to consider if ai have a compressor as an insert if it will hit the compressor at a lower signal and then just make it work harder, etc etc. perhaps bussing to groups and having any dynamic processing at that end would be more efficient.

I will of course track at reasonable level so to leave for adiquate headroom!!!

Thanks for any help and I will do my research and search this forum- i would love to see what others do in this situatuon!!! Thanks my friends!

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Re: Tracks too hot-Turn down faders or events?

Postby iBM » Thu May 22, 2014 9:35 am

Choose nr. 1 or use the Gain knob in the Pre-section.

If nr. 1, you can also do a simple bounce to make new files at a bit lower volume.
If you do that across the whole file lenght, you just set up your compressors as it was recorded at this level. No worries there :)
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