World AIDS Day single - cubase artist 7 STRONG LANGUAGE!

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World AIDS Day single - cubase artist 7 STRONG LANGUAGE!

Postby Made in Macau » Sun Nov 24, 2013 7:58 pm

In November '88 my brother died of AIDS. Since then I've organized or taken part in fundraisers each World AIDS Day (Dec 1st)
This year my band have written and recorded a single which is available to download on iTunes and Amazon, and in 1 week's time on Android.
It's by Bandcamp! and Bob and it's called '*knuf* AIDS'
I'll explain the title.
My 22 year old son - who never met the dead uncle after whom he is named - was playing a set at at last year's fundraiser when he launched into a speech about having raised money for AIDS his whole life and how he was sick of the shadow it had cast over us 'and you know what - let's end this *flower* disease; - *knuf* AIDS!' He then had the whole audience chanting, 'F.U.C.K.A.I.D.S. - *knuf* AIDS!' which made me simultaneously laugh and cry. So in the following months, that coalesced into the disco joy that is this year's fundraising song.
If you'd like to buy a copy, thank you, that would be great as all money will go to HIV/AIDS charities.
If you would like to watch our video for the song you can see it here
If you'd like to hear a profanity free version at no charge go here; - where all the music was made using cubase.
If anyone feels this is in poor taste or too frivolous - I had no wish to cause offence and I'm sorry if it causes any. This was an honest attempt to make something good out of something bad.

Thanks for reading.

Made in Macau
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Re: World AIDS Day single - cubase artist 7 STRONG LANGUAGE!

Postby kzarider » Sun Dec 01, 2013 1:51 am

I also have lost way to many friends and this is A great cause. I'm playing a benefit for World Aids Day Sunday which provides Free testing/ and great's a 4 piece band w/ 5 vocalist doing mostly original stuff. I wish you hadn't edited the vocals out as it would be very listenable if you hadn't
Great to hear your remembrance to your brother, bless your son for carrying on his memory
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