WL LE can I give it away?

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WL LE can I give it away?

Postby carusoswi » Sun Nov 11, 2012 12:09 am

I purchased a CL1 (is it CL1, Ci1, C11 or what??) and it came with Sequel LE and Wavelab LE.
I am a long time user (and admirer) of Wavelab, currently working with WL7, so I am guessing that I don't need WL LE, and am not certain what I would do with Sequel LE.

In the case of WL LE, I would like to give this disc to my daughter who is a professional musician. She salivates for Wavelab, but is currently using an old version of Vegas that I gave her.

My guess is that, for her purposes (live recording of vocal workshops and lessons, etc.), WL LE would suffice.

If not, I plan to purchase a copy of WL7 for her for the holidays.

So, my question, if I give her this disc, is it 1) legal (I have not opened or installed the software on any of my computers), and will it be fully functional/licensed on her machine?


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Re: WL LE can I give it away?

Postby uncleruckel » Wed Feb 27, 2013 5:30 am

If it has not been registered yet and in original package why not. It's not really attached to you otherwise.
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