WaveLab LE 6 | lost download installation kit!

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WaveLab LE 6 | lost download installation kit!

Postby dp_blue » Mon Jul 01, 2013 4:21 pm

I registered an account on MySteinberg, 4 years ago ... and I use Steinberg for years ... At that time I received a promotional code for WaveLab LE 6 and a downloadable link for installation. For a while I've never used WaveLab, in addition, in the meantime, after a hard disk crash, I lost the installation kit and I'm wondering if there is any possibility to recover this kit for WaveLab LE 6. Currently already use Cubase AI 6 and I would like to use again WaveLab 6 for editing and mastering.
:?: Is there any possibility to have again this software?
:!: I appreciate any relevant answer!


OK, no answer till now!
In fact, I plan to do an upgrade from WaveLab WaveLab LE 6 to WaveLab Element 8 and I was thinking that I would be very useful this kit along with the activation code received initial or only way to make this upgrade is downloaded directly WaveLab Elements 8 full version ?

p.s. I noticed that on this forum about WaveLab LE does not really exist activity, I am still an answer from anyone willing!
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Re: WaveLab LE 6 | lost download installation kit!

Postby TheRealFreak » Fri Aug 16, 2013 2:58 pm

Hi dp_blue,

for all license problems it is helpful to contact the official Steinberg support, which you may access using your "MySteinberg" profile easly.

To make it short for you: You'll only get (official) download locations for already registered (and activated) products (matching version number and size: le/elements/full) as soon they're discontinued. You may tried it on your own too, but that's what I'm told yet.

When you're going to upgrade to Wavelab Elements 8, your LOST und NON-REGISTERED Wavelab LE 6 is not helpful AFAIK:

You may get the recent KEYS Special Mag 02/2013 (about 15 EUR) which contains the current Wavelab LE 8, which you may upgrade (download only!) to Wavelab 8 Elements for about another 50 EUR, which is locked to a single PC. When you're planing to use it on different PCs at different times you need to spend another 20 EUR for the USB-eLicenser.

Look for "Is it possible to transfer licenses from the Soft-eLicenser to a USB-eLicenser?" at the follwing site under "Soft-eLicenser FAQ":

Find much more details about Wavelab LE 8 in this thread on the KVR-Forum:

Good luck!
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