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Groove Agent announcement

Postby Matthias Quellmann » Thu Jan 31, 2013 10:51 am

With the release of the first version of Groove Agent in 2002 Steinberg set a new milestone in the market for virtual instruments. It sounded great and was easy to use. The concept of regulating the complexity of grooves made it unique in the field of virtual drums and laid the foundation for the success of the Groove Agent series.

Today the product life cycle of Groove Agent 3 officially comes to its end. The time has come for a new beginning. As technology evolves and requirements change, software becomes dated. Introducing newly available technologies in the best possible manner to Groove Agent, we have decided to build the next iteration on a totally renewed framework.

We like to announce the product development early on to pay our respect deserved by all long-time Groove Agent customers. We have received many questions regarding further development of the Groove Agent series from users who find the concept perfectly fitting to their needs, and who also have many ideas on how to push this instrument out further. It is of great importance to us to tell you now up-front that we have listened and come to an agreement: we accept the challenge to develop another iteration of Groove Agent that takes your requests into account.

By disclosing our plans we would like to encourage you to get involved in this project from day one. Groove Agent 4 will be a completely reworked version, with familiar approaches, but many new ideas and of course a totally new sound and groove library. Please bear with us patiently while we continue to keep you up to date.

Let’s get the groove going on.
Best regards,

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