PC Windows ASIO multiclient driver by Charlie Steinberg

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PC Windows ASIO multiclient driver by Charlie Steinberg

Postby Steinberg Service » Wed Jun 20, 2012 12:52 pm

We have uploaded an unofficial ASIO multiclient application that allows you to use several application at once with the same ASIO device.
Please read the readme file carefully to understand how the application works! The tool itself is unsupported by us but if any questions come up, you'll find a contact email address in the readme.
Use it at your own risk!

Please also note that some ASIO driver are already multiclient. Some examples are Alesis devices, Steinberg MI2/MI4 or Terratec interfaces.

This is an excerpt from the readme:
"[...] ASIO (Audio Streaming Input Output) is a technology of Steinberg.
It allows for low latencies and pretty much every state-of-the-art audio device is nowadays delivered with an ASIO driver (on Windows, at least). However, the basic idea behind ASIO is
that professional audio applications entirely take ownership of the ASIO device. Only very few ASIO drivers support true multiple application access.
This effectively means that you can not use 2 or more applications using the same ASIO device at the same time.

The ASIO Multiclient wrapper overcomes this problem by providing a 'proxy' ASIO driver (the ASIO client), several of which can connect to the one ASIO Server, which in turn
'speaks' to the target ASIO device (driver). The server mixes the output streams of all applications, and provides that mix to the target device. [...]"

ASIO multiclient driver


The installer will create a "vidance" subfolder in the program files folder. This is were you can find all files.

Have fun!
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