Multiple MIDI Masterkeyboards - Parallel Live Usage

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Multiple MIDI Masterkeyboards - Parallel Live Usage

Postby DownLow65 » Wed Jan 09, 2013 3:46 pm

Hi Forum,

I have an issue that drives me crazy and I would like to ask people here for their input:

Due to a change in our band setup, I am back to keyboards and have decided to utilize three MIDI Masterkeboards to control multiple VST Instruments in my Cubase Elements 5. I have followed tutorials and instructions and have so far installed the three keyboards I own (2x USB - Worlde Controller KX61C and Yamaha KX-8, 1x Yamaha CS2X via DIN-cable into Focusrite Saffire Pro40) in my Devices.

My VSTi plugins are mostly NI-based, mainly Kontakt 5 and Kore 2 instrument samples. Kontakt 5 will only show me one MIDI masterkeyboard with 16 MIDI (host) channels - no matter what I configure. All other host channels are "not available" in NI's Kontakt 5. There is always "cross-talk" between the three different keyboards, same as if I had installed them as "All MIDI devices" in Cubase. Now the fun part - using Kontakt 5 as a standalone player, I can get exactly what I want and all three keyboards are separated as I require (3x 16 MIDI host channels).

Is this related to the issue that I have "only" the Essential 5 package and only a full version will allow the parallel usage of all three keyboards in a live situation?

Comments and suggestions very much welcome!!

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