ADAT Optical 8 CH Out - 8 CH In... ends up 'stereo' In..?

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Re: ADAT Optical 8 CH Out - 8 CH In... ends up 'stereo' In..?

Postby thinkingcap » Thu Jan 17, 2013 10:21 pm

Steve Fogal wrote:New thread for simplification on just this....

Ok, scenario again... 2 computers (master/slave), each with an Aardvark Aark 24 card. The Aark 24 cards each have an ADAT Optical/lightpipe In/Out. Optical Out from slave, Optical In to master.

Though when I use the slave Aark 24's 'test tone' within it's control panel/mixer for each of the 8 channels out, and I can see within the master Aark 24's control panel/mixer, each of the corresponding 8 channels mixers light up individually . So the optical cable I have must be working ok, and the slaves Aark 24 must be sending out 8 digital channels, and the master must be recieving 8 channels...or is capable with the test tones anyway.

Issue; when I'm playing/testing up to 4 VSTi's within the slave computer, I only see a stereo out within the slave Aark 24 panel. At which, within the master Aark 24's panel, all 8 recieving channels light up, but all 8 channels have all instruments in them. I'm trying to have a stereo pair out for each VSTi send. Spent around 2 hrs fiddling so far with no luck separating. Though the test tones work as individual ins/outs, the VSTi's get sent out of the slave Aark 24's control panel from it's master stereo mixer out only. Having trouble getting each VSTi assigned to it's own stereo pair, using channels 1 thru 8 within the Aark 24's control panel/mixer.

Neverending story... ;)
On the slave Cubase VST connections, create 4 stereo outputs, connect them to 4 Stereo ADAT pairs. Send esch VSTi to the desired output. In your slave card´s mixer make sure every playback output foes to the corresponding Hardware ADAT cgannel(s). Just as simple as with discrete analogue outputs.
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