Cubase and Mackie HUI channel limit

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Cubase and Mackie HUI channel limit

Postby Kyfon » Mon Jul 01, 2013 9:34 pm


Is there anyone who can help me with Mackie HUI...!!!

I have an AMS Neve VX Console With the Encore plus Automation and "Star Command"... So i can use the desk as DAW controller for Faders and Mutes...32 Channels over MIDI ip and four Ethernet Channels...!!

With Pro Tools it works Perfect ...On Cubase 7 i have only the first 8 Channels working and if i move fader 1 on the Console then it moves Fader 9,17 and 25 too... Fader 2 moves 10,18, and 26 ect...!!! I see that on Cubase mixer the first 8 channels have a white bar on the bottom...!!! Thats indicates that this Channels are Remote Controlled... I want the 32 Channels enable the white Bar...!!!

On the "Remote Devices" i have enable 4 (four) Mackie Hui,s.. Each eith a separete Ethernet in/out Connection to control 8 Faders...!!!

So where is the problem...??? Is it possible to make changes o the Mackie HUI dll so it can use up to 32 channels...?? On Pro tools it works very easy ... with the same HUI setup...

Thanks allot to all and greetings from Athens greece...

:) :) ;)
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