Some Cubasis Positives

Some Cubasis Positives

Postby stbradle » Fri Jan 11, 2013 8:31 pm

I would just like to note a few positive things that I like about Cubasis after using it for a week:

1.) Great streamlining from Cubase! It looks the same but the view is not complicated like the desktop version
2.) Inclusion of virtual MIDI is an awesome attribute that helps utilize other apps
3.) Love the undo function that was kept in this app. Already using it a bunch!
4.) Also like the workflow of adding and changing intruments in a track
5.) Unlimited tracks will probably not help me, but more tracks is a plus for me
6.) Changing time signature and tempo in the project is also very easy to do and to find
7.) Will keep adding as I use it....

additional thoughts:
For me, lots of inserts and quality instruments is what makes me happy
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Re: Some Cubasis Positives

Postby FredB » Mon Jan 14, 2013 12:04 pm


There's a lot of positive points for me, even with this version :

1) it's almost "all in one", especially with the midi virtual instruments, effects, audio recording and mixer. The other ipad daws aren't offer such a wide range of tools (meteor offers only 12 tracks and auria hasn't yet a midi things). That's very usefull
2) it's very simple to use,
3) I thouht the quality of recording is very good, despite of the 16 bit. Maybe this 16-bit format has been choosen for not taking too much space on the ipad, which is limited (no memory extension)? I'm not a specialist of that matter.

Sure they are things that need to be fixed or optimized. But it's only the 1.0.

Keep on steinberger guys!
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