How brilliant was Steinberg at their home show.!

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How brilliant was Steinberg at their home show.!

Postby Puma0382 » Sat Mar 15, 2014 10:33 am

Fantatstic update to Wavelab announced - some brilliant new features/enhancements coming..!!

Half price drop on Yamaha Vintage Plugin collection..!!

All Steinberg's recent hard work pays off, resulting in deserved wins for two prestigious MIPA product awards; Cubase 7/7.5 and innovative sampler Halion 5 clean up in their respective categories.

Also, parent company Yamaha wins an award for their CL series of live mixing consoles (which include Nuendo live).

Steinberg absolutely ROCKS..!!! :) :D
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Re: How brilliant was Steinberg at their home show.!

Postby tex » Sat Mar 15, 2014 5:23 pm

nice to read, very refreshing.

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Re: How brilliant was Steinberg at their home show.!

Postby mozizo » Sat Mar 15, 2014 5:30 pm

Well Done.? OK probably WL8 users are happy ;)
but yes Steinberg did release bunch of new products the passing year, and well done.

hope to see some new technologies that let DAWs to be connected to multiple cards drivers with no latency, no hiccups when adding insert,send, etc..
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Re: How brilliant was Steinberg at their home show.!

Postby curteye » Sat Mar 15, 2014 11:38 pm

tex wrote:nice to read, very refreshing.


Aloha and +2
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Re: How brilliant was Steinberg at their home show.!

Postby AP » Thu Mar 20, 2014 2:11 am

That's wonderful news. And they deserve it. 7.5 is a first class DAW. Also great job marketing 7.5. Goes to show that's it's all about the DAW and the workflow. Great job team Steinberg Yamaha. Keep it coming :D
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