CPU usage per channel

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CPU usage per channel

Postby Cubasesx2to5 » Wed Oct 30, 2013 12:42 am

So I'm running a whole bunch of 3rd party plugins, VSTs and native plugins... I'm maxing out the CPU as usual. I would really like to know which channels to freeze rather than guessing the usage of each plug.
Just a bar at the top of each channel on the mixer would do. I think PLAY(east west) uses tons of CPU and I sometimes run 32 channels of that. it'd be really useful to have detailed CPU usage from each plugin as well, not just the channel. ie if the Reverence plug on my Retrologue channel is using heaps of CPU then I'd like to know.

And how about being able to add more effects to already frozen channels, without having to send it to a group?
It would just mean Cubase automatically making a group channel and moving the added FX to that channel should you unfreeze it should you use more than 8 inserts in total.

Just some thoughts. Love Cubase 7 thoug, solid as a rock guys.
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