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UR series

With the UR series, Steinberg offers professional solutions for musicians and producers. Sharing the same line of heritage as the highly acclaimed MR816 firewire interfaces, Steinberg's UR audio interfaces offer studio-grade converters and D-PRE Class-A discrete mic preamps plus analog and digital I/O, tending perfectly to your individual needs and on which — it must be said again — quality is written everywhere in big fat letters.

CC121 - Advanced Integration Controller

Engineered specifically for the thousands of production environments using Cubase worldwide, the CC121 controller interfaces the creativity of musicians and producers with the functional complexity of the world's most popular music production system.

UR22 Recording Pack

Aimed at musicians and producers seeking a portable high quality audio solution, the UR22 Recording Pack brings together the best brands in the box.

Nuendo SyncStation

Introducing Nuendo SyncStation, Steinberg brings synchronization to a new level, providing you with the perfect setting to interconnect external audio and video systems and devices with the Nuendo audio and post-production system. Rock-solid performance and true sample accuracy make the Nuendo SyncStation a one-of-its-kind synchronizer solution. To put it simple, this is sophistication at its finest.