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Nuendo 6 Expansion Kit: Cubase Music Tools for Nuendo

The Nuendo 6 Expansion Kit (NEK) is a part of the Nuendo product range and brings the music tools of Cubase to the Nuendo media production platform. NEK means complete compatibility with all Cubase music creation features and import functionality for Cubase projects. With world-class instruments, innovative sound design tools and advanced technologies for composers, the NEK transforms Nuendo into a professional, all-in-one solution for music, live and post-production.

New in Nuendo 6.5 NEK

Instrument (T)Rack 2.0

By fusing the VST Instruments Rack with the instrument track concept, Nuendo 6.5 makes working with instruments easier, quicker and more transparent than ever before. Instrument tracks now boast multiple audio outputs for any instrument, and can also be fed by any MIDI track on any channel. Inserting a new instrument into the rack is reflected within the Project window by creating the corresponding instrument track automatically and vice versa. The new Instrument Rack introduces VST Quick Controls for each instrument, letting you modify instruments and sounds even quicker — without even opening their GUI. Best of all, you can now assign each instrument a meaningful name for better identification of its MIDI ports and audio return channels.

The key to better scores

The Score Editor has been further enhanced to feature all MIDI- related functions from the Key Editor, giving you all the tools you need, when you need them. This includes dedicated edit operations involving the chord track or basic tasks like quantize, transpose and length editing, all sorted and arranged clearly for a speedy workflow. You can easily switch between the score symbols and the MIDI functions Inspector with the new tabs at the top of the edit section. Not just another improvement, and certainly something you won’t want to miss by the end of the first day.

Tools for composers

With the NEK, Steinberg has innovated even further to offer even more creative tools for composers.

Breaking new ground: Note Expression

VST Expression

VST Expression provides an ultra-intuitive new way of working with multiple instrument articulations, for example of huge orchestra libraries and introduces an editing concept that is not only user-customizable but also fully integrated with the Key and Score Editors. Instead of handling all those MIDI controllers for switching articulations, VST Expression allows seamlessly and transparently integrated editing as well as full control over multiple articulations in the Key and Score Editors. Articulations noted in the Score Editor can be played back immediately in real time by orchestra or any other sample-based libraries like the all-new HALion Sonic SE.

VST Expression 2 is taking MIDI editing to a whole new level. Comprising three innovative technologies — Note Expression, Expression Maps and VST Dynamics the latest VST Expression standard is the composer's choice for creating dynamic arrangements and unheard-of effects. 

Detailed information on VST Expression

Professional music notation

The Score Editor is a full notation environment completely integrated after installing the Nuendo NEK lets you view your music in the form of scores, with full support for just about all symbol, display and editing options that this entails. With support for lyrics and remarks as well as drum notes, guitar tablature and lead sheets, the Nuendo Score Editor includes hundreds of professional notation symbols: simply select the tools needed to create fully professional score layouts for others including soloists, orchestras and choirs. Thanks to the full Music XML Import/Export support, even exchanging scores with other notation packages is only a matter of seconds. Adding to the stunning MIDI Meaning feature, the new VST Expressions capability has been engineered to offer a new level of speed and intuitiveness when working with large sample libraries by introducing dynamic support for articulations and expressive notation that is automatically interpreted by a VST instrument. Nuendo NEK features an unparalleled combination of a fully featured composition, recording and mixing environment with comprehensive scoring features — ideal for composers.

Score Editor
Ideal for composers — the Score Editor
List Editor
Smart and effective: the List Editor

Listen- Editor

The List Editor is a powerful MIDI editing tool that gives fast access to every single aspect of a MIDI note, and can be a huge timesaver in complex projects.

Know your harmonies

The new global Chord Track allows for easy working with chords within your Project window and provides transform and harmonize functions throughout the application. Nuendo detects the harmony structure of your song and feeds back all chord and scale information to both MIDI and audio tracks processed with VariAudio. All tracks engaged to follow will automatically reflect any harmonic adjustments made with the Chord Track! Advanced voicing options are used to transform existing parts in a harmonically correct and ear-pleasing way.

Chords can be either entered manually with the mouse, by playing them on a MIDI keyboard, or generated automatically from existing MIDI parts in the project. You may even want to enter single notes and harmonize these later on with VariAudio — Chord Track lets you do all this.

Chord Track
Chord Track and Chorder MIDI plug-in

Due to the tight integration, creating and printing lead sheets is just a matter of a few clicks. Now, you can drag-and-drop single or multiple chord events from the Chord Track to the Chorder MIDI plug-in or HALion Sonic or HALion Sonic SE.

Key Editor toolset

And while the Chord Track with its many automatic mechanisms truly delivers what it promises, we built a toolset in the Key Editor’s inspector to paint in chords directly as MIDI notes in the Key Editor.

Intelligent composing assistance

You don't have to be a musical genius to lay down beautiful harmonies — not when you're using Nuendo 6 NEK. The powerful new Chord Assistant helps you to generate everything from simple pop to complex jazz chord sequences that just sound fabulous.

Want to specify both the first and final chords but have no clue how to get there? This, also, is possible in Nuendo 6 NEK. The Chord Assistant lists chord suggestions from which you can choose — it's all just a click away.

Intelligent composing assistance

Pure tuning for that extra punch

Thanks to the Hermode tuning technology, the intonation of your synthesized notes are changed dynamically on the fly for utmost compatibility with well-tempered scales, while retaining a high degree of purity for third and fifth intervals. Especially when combining non-fixed-intonation instruments, like brass and woodwind, and fixed-intonation instruments, such as guitars and piano, entire orchestral arrangements sound immediately clearer and more brilliant than before. 

Eliminating the compromises and strengthening the advantages of well temperament, Hermode intonation results in a clean and pure tuning that can definitely add unimagined punch and clarity to all kinds of electronic music as well!

Beat-based sound design tools

The NEK features outstanding tools for creating beats, generating exciting new rhythms and working with loops.

LoopMash 2

LoopMash is a revolutionary virtual instrument that offers a unique and innovative way of working with loops and beats to create stunning new rhythms and grooves. Seamlessly blendable variations of both the included loops and any loop from your library open up myriad new creative possibilities. LoopMash is based on a new audio analysis/synthesis engine, developed in collaboration with Yamaha, that matches similar elements across loops and beats, generating fresh and inspiring “mash-ups” from any rhythmic audio material. 

LoopMash 2: first-of-its-kind interactive loop synthesizer

Beat Designer

Beat Designer is a hot beat construction plug-in that allows you to get hands-on with beats for step programming and designing drum patterns in an easy yet powerful way, working hand in hand with Groove Agent ONE. Getting really interactive with different grooves and variations has never been easier: Beat Designer organizes several patterns at once in customizable banks and can trigger each of them in real time and synced to Nuendo with a MIDI keyboard.

Beat Designer is a powerful, on-the-fly beat creation tool

Drum Editor

Drum Editor
The powerful Drum Editor

The Drum Editor is a highly intuitive yet powerful window for constructing and reworking beats, rhythms and grooves, offering a plethora of features to let you come up with the perfect groove.

Premium instruments

NEK delivers superior virtual instruments — right out of the box. Next to the the creative drum tools LoopMash 2 and Groove Agent SE4, further exceptional plug-ins make up the impressive arsenal.

Out-of-this-world atmospheres

Padshop introduces a new way of granular sound design. Get yourself ready for out-of-this-world atmospheres, far-out effects and a user interface that’s a breeze to work with. Padshops features two independent layers that are based on an individual oscillator source and generate up to eight different grain streams. The edit section gives you access to parameters that really matter, including the high-quality low, high and band-pass as well as band-rejection filters with an integrated distortion unit. Two envelopes, two LFOs and the Step Modulator can be used to modulate a large number of target parameters. And with the built-in modulation and delay effects you can drive the pace for high tension atmospheres. Padshop is armed with over 400 presets that showcase the kaleidoscope-like nature of this extraordinary synth. Expect the unexpected and take your sound to spectacular new heights — Padshop is the go-to solution for breathtaking pads, driving structures and far-out effects.

Find out more about Padshop

Padshop  VSTi

Phat, phresh and phunky

Ideal for creating fat and funky lead and bass sounds, Retrologue offers those old-school analog synth sounds and biting sonic blocks that will enrich every modern music production substantially. At the heart of this cutting instrument are two carefully modeled oscillators each with up to eight detunable voices alongside an earth-shattering sub and noise oscillator. Packed into a straightforward interface, Retrologue brings back the sound of analog circuitries and vintage warmth. Retrologues extensive preset library features 300 presets and comes with timeless and modern synthesizer sounds — from heavy weight monophonic basses and razor-sharp leads to driving grooves and polyphonic stabs. Grab your keyboard and start creating memorable hooks!

Find out more about Retrologue

Retrologue VST synth

HALion Sonic SE 2

HALion Sonic SE is a streamlined version of HALion Sonic, Steinberg’s premier VST workstation. Incorporating the same pristine audio and synth engine as its award-winning brother, HALion Sonic SE offers tight integration with Nuendo and hundreds of production-ready sounds and instruments. Intuitive handling, instant playability and VST 3.5 support make this new instrument the perfect choice for creative songwriting or just playing along. HALion Sonic SE supports VST 3.5, being among the first to benefit from the revolutionary VST Expression 2 technology.

Go hybrid with HALion Sonic SE

Go hybrid with HALion Sonic SE

For all you beat meddlers out there, we've added fresh new drum samples and patterns to Cubase 7 that'll contribute many a programming moment to savor. Beautifully created and recorded percussive sounds in 30 new drum kits grace the library of Groove Agent ONE, alongside 150 further intricately grooving MIDI Loop patterns — literally leaving no room for tranquil moments. All MIDI patterns were produced by Allen Morgan, whose artist credits include Taylor Swift, Nine Inch Nails and plenty others.