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iZotope is a research-driven audio technology company based in Boston, Massachusetts. Its products and audio technology are used by millions of people in over 50 countries, from independent musicians to major broadcast and recording studios and GRAMMY Award winners. iZotope focuses on developing innovative audio technology for professional and consumer applications. This core technology is presented to customers in its award-winning product line and through its extensive licensing program.

Stutter Edit

It's an effect. It's an instrument. It's Stutter Edit—an innovative tool for both studio and stage, designed by BT and developed by iZotope. Tear up your tracks in real time, building thrilling fills, complex effects, shimmering sweeps, and staggering stutters that will leave your listeners screaming for more. They'll think you spent hours slaving over the slices…but all it took was a press of a key. Push your performances and production into a new realm of musical intensity with Stutter Edit.

  • Play effects like an instrument
  • Remix in real-time, on stage or in the studio
  • Cutting-edge audio slicing and manipulation
  • Elegant and intuitive MIDI control
  • Flawless tempo sync and timing grids


Nectar is a complete set of vocal production effects combined in one plug-in that's designed to give you immediate results. Built-in Styles get the grunt work out of the way so you can focus on the creative finishing touches. Start by selecting one of Nectar's dozens of Styles, like 60s Motown or 90s Grunge. Unlike typical presets, Styles configure a professionally-designed effect chain with producer-level controls like Clarity, Warmth and Sparkle. From there, narrow in on the vocal sound you want or experiment with the advanced modules to create a whole new sound uniquely yours.

  • Includes 11 vocal production effects, such as Pitch Correction, Breath Control, Gate etc.
  • Advanced View of each effect module lets you dive into the details to tweak your own custom sound
  • Fine-tune pitch issues with both automatic and manual pitch correction
  • Benefit from Nectar in all stages of a project by switching between lowest latency and highest quality modes
  • Intelligent Breath Control and identifies breaths separately from other vocal components

RX 2

iZotope RX 2 is the most complete audio repair toolkit on the market, enabling you to remove noise, hiss, buzz and hum, eliminate clicks and crackle, restore clipped audio, visually select and suppress unwanted sounds, resynthesize missing audio and much more. Leveraging iZotope's extensive research and development expertise and drawing from the science of psychoacoustics and image processing, RX features cutting-edge tools that raise the bar on quality and usability, enabling you to fix previously untreatable audio.

  • Includes Denoise, Spectral Repair, Deconstruct, Declip and more
  • Rich spectrogram display visualizes the audio in an incredibly intuitive and precise way
  • New Lasso, Brush and Magic Wand tools allow natural freehand selections
  • Edit History tracks every change allowing you to undo and compare processing
  • Includes a standalone application and a suite of plug-ins for your DAW

RX 2 Advanced

RX 2 Advanced extends the standard version of RX 2 with specialized tools designed for audio professionals.

  • Adaptive Mode for Denoiser
  • 3rd Party Plug-in Hosting
  • Deconstruct Module, Multi-Resolution Spectral Repair
  • Export Time-Stamped Edit History
  • iZotope 64-bit SRC™, MBIT+™, iZotope Radius®, and Automatic Azimuth Alignment

Ozone 4

Like a final coat of polish, mastering makes the difference between a good sounding mix and a professional sounding master. Ozone 4 combines seven essential mastering processors into one complete system, letting you give your mixes a finished, full and professional sound. All of these modules are combined into a single, powerful interface, making the mastering process more efficient and intuitive than ever before. Whether you're a seasoned professional or simply ready to take your productions to the next level, Ozone is the complete solution you need. Your mix isn't finished until you put it through Ozone. 

  • Includes seven essential mastering tools: Loudness Maximizer, Paragraphic EQ, Multiband Dynamics and more
  • Analog-modeled processing combined with linear phase precision
  • Elegant, highly efficient user interface with user-definable signal routing
  • Extensive metering and spectrum analysis tools help you get better results
  • Comprehensive preset manager and new MacroPresets


Alloy provides the key dynamics and sound-shaping effects you'll use again and again, in a self-contained and completely configurable interface. Add iZotope Alloy to your tracks and buses and bring them to life with six processors designed to add character to every element of your mix. Alloy gives you exceptional sound quality, vintage emulation balanced with digital precision, time-saving presets and workflow features, and a forward-thinking interface that puts just the controls you need at your fingertips.

  • Equalizer, Dynamics, Exciter, De-Esser, Transient Shaper and Limiter
  • Load one plug-in for all of the essential EQ, dynamics and sound-shaping effects
  • Save custom presets and effect chains to suit any need
  • Phase Tools panel includes phase invert controls, and a zero-latency phase rotation control
  • Zero-latency mode prevents sync problems in hosts like Pro Tools LE