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Steinberg introduces new Cubase lineup

Hamburg/Anaheim, January 13, 2011 – Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH today is proud to announce the release of two new Cubase music production systems, Cubase 6 and Cubase Artist 6, with brand-new features and many enhancements to existing functionality.

With the release of Cubase 6 and Cubase Artist 6, the Cubase lineup of products has been adjusted to meet the market demands and boost consumer satisfaction. Cubase 6 is a major update to Cubase 5 that holds new features, effects and instruments plus an array of refinements. Cubase Artist 6 is introduced as an entirely new product in its segment, providing an up-to-the-minute, newly arranged feature set that optimally reflects customer opinions and requests. The Cubase Studio 5 derivative is now officially discontinued. Cubase Essential 5 remains available until a further Cubase 6 derivative is revealed later on in the year to round out the current Cubase lineup.

Steinberg ensures utmost flexibility when switching from previous Cubase versions to Cubase 6, offering the straightforward update from Cubase 5 and Cubase 4 as well as several upgrade packages from previous Cubase derivatives, such as Cubase Studio 5 and Cubase Studio 4, Cubase Essential 5 and Cubase Essential 4 plus the entire Cubase SX and SL range.

By moving to Cubase 6, users benefit from a wealth of advancements. Not only does Cubase 6 allow audio material to be used and recorded at a maximum resolution of 192 kHz/24-bit on an unlimited number of tracks, but it also boasts more effects and instruments than ever before. Its new workflow to edit multiple drum tracks, the lightning-fast multitake comping and VST Expression 2 to create and edit various controller values on individual MIDI notes are only a few of the many highlights that accentuate the position of Cubase as the primary choice for musicians and producer.