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Cubase 7 is number-one choice for many producers and musicians the world over

Award-winning update to Cubase serves as backbone for music productions of celebrity artists

HAMBURG, Germany — April 10, 2013 — The latest iteration of the widely acclaimed digital audio workstation from Steinberg, Cubase 7, has found a very positive resonance by the countless producers and musicians for whom Cubase is the centerpiece of their studio setups.

Internationally renowned composer and musician Paul Haslinger commented: “It’s very refreshing to observe the wealth of innovations and enhancements that are constantly being introduced to my DAW of choice. In Cubase 7 I think the design of the new mixing console is great. It allows customization and project specific layouts and adjustments on the fly. In fact this is how I wish all future software applications were to be — handling complex sets of data with ease and speed. It's a basic thing, but it's the first software-based console concept that actually pulls it off.”

Many more endorsers of Steinberg’s music production system were only too happy to give their opinions on how well the advancements in Cubase have improved their workflow.

“I have been working on and using Cubase for the past ten years. I have tried other platforms, but nothing has compared to the performance, stability and editing on Cubase. I have just upgraded to 7 and I’m even more impressed by the usability and it has transformed the way I work to another level. Great to see Steinberg taking care to improve an already incredible professional platform and helping to make creating music a joy! That’s what it’s about at the end of the day,” said Jake Gosling, producer and songwriter, who has been working with artists such as Wiley and One Direction as well as co-producing Ed Sheeran’s debut studio album.

Clay Ostwald, producer and owner of Red Rock Studios in Miami, said: “Steinberg has really done it again with Cubase 7! The new mixer design truly changes the way I approach setting up a mix. The visual design makes all other DAWs look just plain old, and the access to all the mixer sections and plug-ins makes for a real game changer. Being a musician first, engineer second, though, it wouldn’t work for me if it didn’t sound great, and it does. I love a good, old-fashioned ‘blindfold test’, and Cubase passes them easily!”

“I prefer Cubase to other DAWs because it gives me exactly what I need for the kind of production I do at my WireWorld studio. Its audio engine sounds great. The mix bus stays clean and clear, even when pushing levels. The interface resembles a real studio environment, and is very intuitive from the first time one uses it. Especially the Control Room feature comes in handy when on the road or doing location recording, it’s like taking your studio console with you. It has the right amount of MIDI integration into the audio process, very easy to handle. Zero latency (direct monitoring) is a wonderful feature and essential to music recording. Editing is a joy,” said Michael Wagener, music producer, mixer and engineer for the likes of Metallica, The Rasmus and Ozzy Osbourne. “I can’t think of anything missing in Cubase for use in modern production. In my opinion Steinberg has always been and still is on the cutting edge of DAW technology.”