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Steinberg website now speaks Spanish

Introducing Spanish content to the company’s multilingual website

HAMBURG, Germany — June 26, 2014 — Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH today announced the launch of their Spanish language website. The fully featured website is aimed at providing content to the Spanish-speaking community to connect to a wider global audience while delivering an enhanced level of service.

“We offer website localization in several languages and Spanish was the next obvious choice,” said Jonas Baumbach, marketing manager at Steinberg. “Everything from Steinberg news to product pages to customer care articles to the Steinberg Online Shop, visitors to the website will have access to a wealth of information, in Spanish.”

Steinberg are widely known for their music and audio software products, most of which offer several different localized versions that, together with the localized website, reflect the high degree of customer service that Steinberg prides themselves on.