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To run Cubase, Cubase Artist 6 or Cubase Elements 6 you have to activate the product license on your USB-eLicenser (Cubase Elements 6: Soft-eLicenser) by using the activation code. You will find your activation code on the “Essential Product License Information” card included in the product box. If you purchased a download version from the Steinberg Online Shop, you received your activation code via email.

Cubase 6 and Cubase Artist 6 comes with numerous trial versions of other Steinberg programs. These licences are limited to a specific time period and have to be activated by using the codes on the “Information on Additional Trials” card.

Click for more info on USB-eLicenser product activation

Click for more info on Soft-elicenser product activation


Please register your Cubase version. In order to do so, follow the instructions when you launch Cubase for the first time or click "Registration" in the Cubase help menue.

The registration is performed automatically, if you already activated another Steinberg product on your USB-eLicenser (this applies when you have purchased a Cubase update or upgrade).

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