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VST MultiPanner for Dolby Atmos

The VST MultiPanner is included for free with Nuendo 7.1. It can be used for conventional multichannel panning and the creation of 9.1 Dolby Atmos Bed mixes for later use in a Dolby Atmos mixing environment (also for later addition of objects).

If you want to create objects for your Dolby Atmos mix, you must connect your system to a Dolby RMU and install the Nuendo RMU Connector for Dolby Atmos®, which is available separately. The Nuendo RMU Connector for Dolby Atmos® is still in evaluation phase until its final release and thus only available on request. Please contact Steinberg at:


Steinberg would like to explicitly connect with Nuendo customers running mixes in Dolby Atmos in order to gain feedback on the currently implemented solution.

More information on Dolby Atmos mixing using the VST MultiPanner and the Nuendo RMU Connector:
Mixing with VST Multipanner (PDF)