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Sequel LE Registration

Thank you for choosing to register your Steinberg products. Once you have done so, you are fully entitled to many benefits such as full support, product updates and special upgrade offers.

How to Register Sequel LE

  1. Install Sequel LE
  2. Make sure that your computer has a working Internet connection.
  3. Open the eLicense Control Center (eLCC) software and make a note of your Soft-eLicenser number.
  4. Click on "Support" and then choose "Send eLicenser Information".
  5. Create a user account in the MySteinberg area. If you already have one, please go to step 7.
  6. Check your email and activate your user account by clicking the link in the confirmation email.
  7. Log in to your MySteinberg account and click on "Product Registration", choose "Product with USB-eLicenser/Steinberg Key or Soft-eLicenser". Enter your Soft-eLicenser number and click on "Register Product(s)" to finish.

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