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30 years of Creativity First

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Steinberg. And as it’s quite common to have a party on one’s birthday, we invited close friends, colleagues and associates to an exceptional night out with the entire company.

Our guests came from all corners of the world, putting back long distances to join us in the heart of Hamburg, Germany, to commemorate the company’s early beginnings in 1984 as well as celebrate the here and now.

A night to remember

Hundreds of guests, including artists, our colleagues from many different Yamaha divisions and founders Karl “Charlie” Steinberg and Manfred Ruerup honored a company that has been in the “job” for 30 years and has been delivering innovative products and technologies to the industry along the way.

Our love for music being the driving force behind the company’s success, many employees grabbed the opportunity to perform live on stage. In fact two bands were formed for the sole purpose to play some of their favourite music that very night.

History in the making

The company’s founding stone was laid in 1983 when two musicians came together and realised their common interest, namely computer technology and its effect on electronic musical instruments and equipment. Manfred Ruerup and Karl “Charlie” Steinberg developed a concept accommodating new possibilities that computers and MIDI technology had to offer back then. In 1984 their project became Steinberg Research, introducing the Pro-16 sequencer software.

Three decades down the road and the company looks back on an eventful history. Cubase, WaveLab, HALion and Nuendo were introduced over the years, all to great success. 1997 ushered in a digital revolution by releasing Cubase VST, recreating a recording studio’s capabilities inside a computer. The new millennium begins with the introduction of Nuendo, Steinberg’s direct response to the needs of the post-production community. Steinberg continues to extend its product portfolio over the years and today, as a subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation, boasts over 30 software and hardware products plus an extensive range of content packs that are used by professionals all over the world.