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Allen Morgan Signature Drums Vol. 2

October 10, 2013

Steinberg is happy to announce the release of the latest VST Sound Instrument Set, Allen Morgan Signature Drums Volume 2. Delivering new sounds for Groove Agent ONE, the drum machine available in previous versions of Cubase, the Nuendo Expansion Kit and Sequel 3, this content set features over 700 pre-processed hybrid sounds and 150 MIDI loops.

“With this latest edition of drum kits for Groove Agent ONE I set out to design sonic tools that will allow you to create a truly unique listening experience. Drums and sounds vary from dark and ambient soundscapes to 'in your face' ripped up electronic sounds — and plenty of surprises in between. These sounds and accompanying loops will fit perfectly in any production looking to stand out, grab the listener by the ears and make a statement,” says US-based producer and mixing engineer Allen Morgan.

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