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CMC update announced

March 21, 2012

Steinberg today announced a software update for its CMC controller series. The 1.1 update adds new functions and improvements to the renowned modular Cubase controllers.

With the new LED dimming option, the button illumination on all CMC units can now be switched on and off for improved visibility while using the controllers in dimmed studios and stages. Other enhancements include new Key Repeat capability on the CMC-CH, CMC-FD and CMC-QC controllers that allows users to move sequentially through channels with ease. Plus, the CMC-CH now provides mute, solo, monitor and record-enable control for all tracks inside folder tracks while the CMC-CH and CMC-FD boast a wider detection range of their touch-control sensitivity.

The CMC update version 1.1 (Tools for CMC and firmware) will be available as a free download for CMC customers in May 2012.

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