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Compatibility info on Windows 8.1 & OS X 10.9

November 22, 2013

We have completed our test series with Steinberg software and hardware products running under Microsoft Windows 8.1 and Apple OS X 10.9 Mavericks and are happy to announce that most of our current products are fully compatible with these latest OS releases provided the below mentioned updates have been installed. Please refer to the following Knowledge Base articles with compatibility status information on each product:

Windows 8.1 Knowledge Base article

OS X 10.9 Knowledge Base article

To ensure full compatibility with class-compliant USB audio interfaces and certain Steinberg software products under OS X 10.9, please make sure to download and run the CoreAudio2ASIO patcher, which we released today. You can find it on the download pages of corresponding products within the support section.

We also released OS X 10.9 compatibility updates for the UR824 and UR28M audio interfaces, available at:

UR824 download page

UR28M download page



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