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Cubase 9.5.30 maintenance update

May 22, 2018

We have just released the Cubase 9.5.30 maintenance update for the Pro, Artist, Elements, AI, and LE editions. It's a maintenance update so one can obviously expect issues to have been resolved; then again, there weren't many so you probably won't even have noticed them in the first place. Alongside the fixes, this update also includes enhancements to Direct Offline Processing and other features. For detailed information, please refer to the corresponding version history on the download page.


Download Cubase Pro 9.5.30 Update

Download Cubase Artist 9.5.30 Update

Download Cubase Elements 9.5.30 Update

Download Cubase AI 9.5.30 Update

Download Cubase LE 9.5.30 Update

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