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Cubasis 2.8 out now

June 11, 2019

Cubasis 2.8 is now available on the App Store! Freely available to all users of Cubasis 2, this latest release updates its Classic Machines in-app purchase with two new drum machines plus MIDI grooves that perfectly complement its collection of vintage drum machines. There's full grid lines support in the Arrange window and MIDI editor alongside refined AudioShare file handling and revised Track Freeze to ensure an even quicker workflow. The new Notepad feature lets users type in lyrics or dedicated track/song information directly within Cubasis.

But wait, there's more! (N.B. Let the voice in your head use a tone of excitement when reading this trope.) Our Cubasis Summer Sale begins today and is available until July 3, 2019. You get 50% off Cubasis 2 and all the in-app purchases, such as the Waves Plug-in Bundle, the FX Packs, Classic Machines and more.

Get Cubasis 2.8

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