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Dark Planet released

April 17, 2012

Steinberg is excited to release Dark Planet, a new VST Sound Instrument Set that is loaded with a devastating selection of cinematic sounds, shattering loops and impactful instruments. 

Dark Planet’s 800+ presets are equally suitable for sci-fi scores, massive industrial tracks and spacious dark ambient productions. Hundreds of leads, basses, drums and effects will inspire and give you the shivers at the same time. And the beautifully designed macro page provides access to the integrated MorphFilter and the onboard effects — both designed to add spine-tingling ingredients to your productions and fuel your fantasies with the gloom of the Dark Planet.

Dark Planet is compatible with Cubase 6, Nuendo 5 NEK, Sequel 3, HALion 4 and HALion Sonic*. The VST Sound Instrument Set is now available exclusively through the Steinberg Online Shop as a download product.

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