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Dorico 2.2 update expands capabilities

November 28, 2018

Dorico 2.2 is now available as a free update for Dorico Pro 2 and Dorico Elements 2 customers. Considered being yet another significant update, we have chosen to remove "maintenance" from Dorico's maintenance updates since they not only include the expected improvements to an ever advancing software application, but deliver many — many — new features along the way.

Alongside the many improvements, such as enhanced trills, a new dialog for editing the appearance of musical symbols and much more, Dorico 2 now includes powerful MIDI-centric features, such as real-time MIDI recording, tempo track export/import to and from MIDI files, and an overhauled MIDI transcription engine, allowing you to input music in real time or import via MIDI — the result will always be a clean transcription.

There are also several new features for musicians working in jazz, rock, pop and other commercial music, now including jazz articulations and support for complex repeat structures including D.C., D.S., Coda and Fine.
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