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Exclusive Testimonials on The Grand 3

October 9, 2009

The end of July 2009 saw the release of The Grand 3, the latest version of the renowned software piano from Steinberg. Several months down the line has provided sufficient time to use the grand and upright VST pianos in everyday situations. Steinberg asked musicians and producers who have been playing The Grand 3 on stage and in studios to talk about their experiences with the software. Read what professionals have to say about our virtual piano suite.

"To be able to afford the best grand pianos, having a sizeable studio space, getting them tuned, mic'ing up and avoiding feedbacks on stage can be time consuming.

"The Grand 3 makes you feel like you're in the best acoustic sounding room with a variety of the best pianos. It gives you pure definition from raw to crisp polished sounds, and it's compact enough to travel with me to the studio and whenever I'm on the road.

"The Grand 3 makes you want to play. It speaks to your soul. It's the future of software pianos."

— Kwame Yeboah, producer and keyboardist
(Craig David, Jamiroquai, Miss Dynamite)

"I really do love playing The Grand 3. It is quite an amazing sounding piano. It is quite an emotional instrument."

— Paul Mirkovich, keyboardist, composer and songwriter
(Cher, Janet Jackson, Whitesnake)

"Fantastically realistic and expressive, The Grand 3 has raised the bar in creating an instrument that truly inspires musical creativity."

— Erran Baron Cohen, music producer and film score composer
(Borat, Da Ali G Show and Brüno)

"The Grand 3 is one of the best sample based piano realizations I've come across. The features set is impressive, but more than anything else it is the quality and depth of the sound character itself that sets it apart."

— Paul Haslinger, film score composer
(Shoot ’Em Up, Crank, Underworld and Minority Report)

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